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WeLoveLeague brand takes shape

Just on seven months ago I launched the website.

I run the website, and the growth of that website didn’t happen overnight.  We now have a successful group with many loyal members.

So this site was going to take time and patience.

This week the site has been relaunched.

Firstly, a cleaner and more friendly webpage.  Easier navigation and shortly the forum will return.

Secondly, a new image to represent who we are.

weloveleague1The heart in the middle is shaped like a ‘V’ and that symbol in rugby league has been prominent on jerseys through different eras.  Hopefully this is something rugby league fanatics can associate with.

And to our writers both in the UK, New Zealand and here in Australia – a big thankyou for all the hassle you have gone to as the site grows.

We are always looking for a new view on the game so drop us a line at if you would like to write about our great game.

Continue to stick with us, join our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Thank you for your support in this project!

Editor of nothingbutleague since site inception in 2013. Massive Penrith Panthers fan (Member 13120). Email:

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