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WeLoveLeague NRL Fantasy Dream Team Update

weloveleague will create new competitions for Fantasy Dream Team.  You will need a new email address to register with for the second competition, with the advantage being the selection of new players.
We will continue our competitions that began prior to round 1.
News on the new competitions will be sent out on April 1 2014.
The official statement is as follows:
As a result of the issues experienced with Holden NRL Fantasy prior to Round 1, we are giving everyone a second chance at taking home the major prize with our new Fantasy Plate Competition. This competition will run from Round 6-26 of the Telstra Premiership Season, with the winner taking home $20,000 cash and a Grand Final experience.
We encourage everyone to make the most of this second opportunity and good luck for the rest of the season!
Fantasy Plate FAQ’s
Q: When do registrations open?
A: Registrations for Fantasy Plate open at the end of the Round 4 lockout on Tuesday 1st April
Q: How do I enter?
A: Register for Holden NRL Fantasy after the Round 4 lockout and you will be automatically eligible for NRL Fantasy Plate
Q: Can I use my existing Holden NRL Fantasy login to enter?
A: If you are already registered for any of the 2014 Fantasy competitions, you will need to register a new team for the Fantasy Plate via a new email address. You cannot use your existing team & email address 
Q: When does scoring start?
A: The first scoring round for NRL Fantasy Plate is Round 6 of the Telstra Premiership, starting on Friday April 11th
Q: Can I still compete in the current NRL Fantasy comps?
A: Yes, there is no change if you currently have an eligible team in Holden NRL Fantasy
Q: Are there any changes to the rules?
A: No. Scoring, trades, salary cap and player price movement all remain the same as Holden NRL Fantasy Classic

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