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Official Statement – Ben Flower Issues Apology

Ben Flower has today apologised for the punches that led to his sending off in Saturday’s Super League Grand Final.

Ben said: “I am so sorry for what happened last night.

“There is no defence for my actions. It was something that happened in the heat of the moment when our emotions and adrenaline was running high. I instantly regretted it and am devastated that I allowed myself to punch someone like this.

“At Wigan we are known for being aggressive but we are constantly told to do this within the rules of the game and that punching isn’t tough. We may aim to dominate teams, but we don’t aim to hurt people.

“I firstly offer my apologies to Lance. I have full respect for him and have never gone onto a rugby field to injure a fellow player. I hope he is ok.

“I’d also like to say sorry to my teammates, our fans and the Wigan Club. I know I’ve let them down like never before and accept I’ll have to live with this for the rest of my career.

“Finally, I’m sorry to the sport of Rugby League. It was a big night and I know I’ve taken the attention away from what was a special event.”

Wigan Chairman & Owner Ian Lenagan and Head Coach Shaun Wane added:

“We apologise unreservedly on behalf of the Wigan Club to Lance Hohaia, St Helens and the general Rugby League family for Ben Flower’s totally inappropriate behaviour in last night’s Grand Final.

“Rugby League is a tough sport, which we are proud of, but such a response is neither encouraged nor condoned.

“Such behaviour is not representative of Rugby League nor the Wigan Club.”

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