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NRL match review: Gold Coast Titans 16 Brisbane Broncos 26


Gold Coast Titans 16

Tries: Anthony Don, Ryan James, David Mead
Goals: Aidan Sezer 2/3

Brisbane Broncos 26

Tries: Anthony Milford 2, Mitchell Dodds 2
Goals: Corey Parker 3/3, Ben Hunt 2/2

Match Review

The Gold Coast Titans failed to capitalize on last week’s win as they went down 26-16 against the Brisbane Broncos on Friday night. The 15,432 crowd that gathered at Cbus Super Stadium witnessed Mitchell Dodds and Anthony Milford lead the triumph for the away-side.

The Titans kicked off the match, however the majority of kick-offs to follow would come from the Broncos. The Brisbane side gave away two goal-line dropouts within the opening ten minutes, and by the end of the match the tally was at six.

The tides turned in the eighteenth minute, once the Broncos begun some offensive-style play,as  centre Daniel Vidot crossed the line only for his effort to be denied by video referee due to a forward pass.

The Broncos persisted and in the twenty-fourth minute, fullback Lachlan Maranta burst through the defensive line and offloaded to Anthony Milford who opened the scoring. Maranta had only entered the fullback position as a late replacement for Jordan Kahu pre-game. Ben Hunt aced the conversion from in front and the score stood at 6-0.

The video referee was called into play again during the twenty-seventh minute after substitute Sam Thaiday looked to have missed the try-line. There wasn’t enough evidence to overrule the decision, and the try was awarded to Mitchell Dodds who had received the ball after it was dropped by Thaiday. Ben Hunt converted what would be his last conversion following the controversial try.

The floodgates had now opened and the Broncos looked to be back on the scoreboard again. In the thirty-second minute, Anthony Milford crossed the line for the second time of the match with the video referee checking grounding. The try was cleared and Corey Parker was selected to take the conversion, which he executed brilliantly from the sideline.

The Titans hit back before half-time after a Broncos error in their own half allowed Anthony Don to cross the try-line. Aidan Sezer converted and both sides went into the changing rooms with the score at 18-6.

Mitchel Dodds opened the scoring for the second-half in the fourty-seventh minute, as he dived under the goalposts to score his second try of the night, and give Corey Parker an easy conversion to make.

The Titans responded through a David Mead try off a James Roberts assist, the video referee was again called in to check the grounding of Mead’s effort. The try was cleared and Aidan Sezer made a stunning conversion from the sidelines.

It looked as if a comeback was on it’s way for the Titans as centre William Zillman made a half-field run, offloading to Ryan James who put the scores at 24-16 in the sixty-ninth minute. Ryan James racked up the highest metres for the Titans during the fixture, however William Zillman was given high praise for his 50-metre dash which created the opportunity for a try. Aidan Sezer failed to convert for the first time of the night.

The Broncos had recognised the increasing threat that was approaching their side. And after an infringement during PTB from Kane Elgey of the Titans, Corey Parker chose to take a penalty kick which he converted in the seventy-fifth minute. The score stood at 26-16 for the remainder of the fixture and the Broncos hit the M1 with two points in the bag.

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