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NRL Match Reports

Four Pointers- Parramatta Eels 4 Brisbane Broncos 17

Four Pointers- Parramatta Eels 4 Brisbane Broncos 17


Corey Oates big and brutal for the broncos

Corey Oates set up an exceptional try for Anthony Milford in the first half and came back in the second half full strength and scored himself in the 37th minute. His power and strength is evident and a huge positive for the Bronco’s as he hangs around in the Wing area.

Unusual to make an appearance on the wing due to his build but he fit in that position very comfortably.


Eels recruit’s silenced

Michael Jennings, Beau Scott and Kieran Foran (who was injured and did not make an appearance on the field) were all new Parramatta Eels recruit’s who were silenced tonight by the terrific form of the Broncos. Clinton Gutherson had a stand out performance but the rest of the new recruits were held back. Michael Jennings usually has a spring in his step but tonight it seemed like he was holding back his full potential. Maybe they weren’t use to playing without Captain, Kieran Foran and had practiced other drills for the game. They were also thrown into different positions throughout the night, which they also didn’t prepare for.

Overall next week the new recruit’s will hopefully have an improved game.


Corey Parker off his kicking game

Corey Parker was in Captain mode tonight, as he set up the field and instructed his teammates where they need to position themselves he was not focused on one aspect he usually excels in, his kicking game. He missed all 3 conversions after swinging them too far from the post.

Is captaincy too much for Parker to handle? Maybe one of the young halves, Anthony Milford or Ben Hunt will take over. Especially after Anthony Milford stood up and confirmed the win with a field goal in the 77th minute.


Corey Norman still has the ‘no look pass’ talent

In the opening 3-4 minutes, Norman’s determination was clear through his terrific no look pass. Leading from the front he unfortunately didn’t finish off the game as well as he had started off. Josh McGuire tackled Corey Norman and his arms were trapped, he landed face first on the field before the second half siren. He spent the rest of the game in the sheds with the physio as he was troubled by neck pain. He was going to receive scans post game.



Brisbane Broncos:

  • Jordan Kahu

Being the first try-scorer of the match (and season) in the first 15 minutes of play he unfortunately struggled with a tear and looks to be out for 4-6 weeks.

Parramatta Eels

  • Kieran Foran

Sat on the bench the full 80 minutes with a hamstring strain

  • Corey Norman

After landing head first in a tackle at the end of the first half he spent the second half with a physio; for precautionary reasons. Later went to have scans due to neck pain.



Parramatta Eels 4
Tries: 1
Goals: 0/1
Field Goals: Nil

Penalty Goals: Nil


Brisbane Broncos 17
Tries: 3
Goals: 0/3
Field Goals: 1

Penalty Goals: 2/2



Nothing But League’s Man of the Match (MoM)- Corey Oates

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