Wakefield Wildcats chairman Michael Carter has spoken out over Brian Smith’s decision to resign as the club’s head coach.

61 year-old Australian veteran Smith quit after under a year in charge at Belle Vue. Last season he helped the club stave off relegation, however Sunday’s defeat to Catalans left Wakefield with just one win from their opening five Super League games.

Carter told BBC Radio Leeds that there was little chance of Smith changing his mind over resigning: “By his manner you could tell this wasn’t a decision that was going to get changed.”

“I was a little bit stunned. He left the office straight away and by the time I had come around he probably wasn’t in the building,” Carter added via the Daily Star.

Hull-born Carter also admitted his and Smith’s relationship had become strained in recent months:

“We’ve had a frosty relationship since Christmas and those reasons will stay with me. He was the highest paid coach we’ve ever had and it’s the highest playing budget we’ve ever had here.

“Quitting is not an option for some of us and we have to live with the hand we were dealt.”

Despite the tension between the pair, Carter said he had always supported Smith fully:

“From my point of view I’ve tried to back him to the hilt with everything he’s wanted, but I guess at the end of the day it was never enough.”

Assistant coach Stuart Dickens will take charge of this Friday’s game against St Helens, but Carter said he won’t be wasting any time in finding Smith’s permanent successor:

“I want somebody in as quickly as possible. We need stability and we need to start to focus on winning games.”