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NRL Match Reports

Four Pointers: Brisbane Broncos 25 New Zealand Warriors 10

The New Zealand Warriors started off firing at full force tonight against the Brisbane Broncos. One huge aspect that let them down was their defence, letting two easy tries in. Brisbane Bronco’s efforts were too strong tonight with the likes of Corey Oates, Jack Reed and Anthony Milford putting on a terrific performance.

1. Andrew McFadden first coach to be sacked in 2016?

McFadden’s job looks to be in trouble after he has been unsuccessful for the last couple of years. The results are conclusive with the Warriors not defending well enough to take home the win. Warriors start well but end up letting easy tries in.

McFadden’s future hangs in the balance with him having one job, which is to coach the Warriors to win a game. He has a brilliant line up with Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Shaun Johnson, Isaac Luke, Simon Mannering and Ryan Hoffman but has been unsuccessful with getting a win.

Hopefully he sorts out his players or his job could be up for grabs.

2. Brisbane too good in front of home crowd

Brisbane Bronco’s always thrive off a Friday night game at Suncorp Stadium. They are unstoppable and put on their best performance for their fans. They certainly didn’t disappoint tonight with brilliant defence work to incredible tries scored. Corey Oates was the first try scorer for the Bronco’s and it was a very impressive effort. Flirting with the sideline he managed to jump within the lines and put downward pressure on the ball before landing on the ground. Many wingers take that leap of faith and can be unsuccessful but it worked in Oates’ favour tonight as he contributed to the first points of the game.

Brisbane simply outshone the Warriors. Especially in the second half when they found easy breaks and ran good metres. Brisbane were also successful in keeping the Warriors scoreless in the second half after a brilliant defence display.


3. Horrendous Defence by the Warriors 

The New Zealand Warriors need to spend a lot of time working on their defence. They let Brisbane score easy tries as they broke through the defensive line and made a lot of metres due to poor defence displayed. Warriors have some big players like Simon Mannering and Manu Vatuvei but they should not be relied upon to make every tackle.

On two occasions Jack Reed and Darius Boyd went straight through the Warriors defence line as they carried the ball over and scored themselves. The Warriors completely forgot to mark the person with the ball as if they were going to pass it every time.

The Warriors were very impressive first half with their attack but lacked the entire game in defence. A huge improvement is needed before next week when they take on Melbourne Storm at home.

4. Will Brisbane need to bring in two wingers for next week’s game?

Both Brisbane Bronco’s wingers went down with injury tonight and if both not cleared Brisbane might be in trouble.

Corey Oates went down with a dislocated shoulder in the 70th minute. His left shoulder clicked back in to place before he walked off the field into the sheds. Hopefully he does not face any drama with it not having clicked in the right spot. It will be monitored but hopefully the young gun will be able to play next week against the Penrith Panthers.

Jordan Kahu was limping around in the last couple minutes of play having trouble with his strapped quad. Hopefully for Brisbane’s sake he was just suffering from cramps and nothing more serious as than Brisbane might be without one of their two most talented players.



  • Blake Ayshford- lower leg injury
  • Manu Vatuvei- Rib Cartilage
  • Corey Oates- Dislocated Shoulder (went back in to place on the field, will be monitored)
  • Jordan Kahu- Quadricep issue- should be clear to play next week



Brisbane Broncos 25

Tries: 4 -Corey Oates (8m), Jack Reed (32m), Darius Boyd(55m) & Matt Gillett (65m)

Goals: 2/4 – Corey Parker (34m) & Jordan Kahu (57m)

Penalty Goals- 2- Corey Parker (4m) & Anthony Milford (79m)

Field Goals: 1 -Anthony Milford (75m)


New Zealand Warriors 10

Tries: 1- Isaac Luke (18m)

Goals: 1- Shaun Johnson (19m)

Penalty Goals: 2- Shaun Johnson x2 (29m & 40m)

Field Goals: Nil






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