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NRL Match Reports

Four Pointers: Brisbane Broncos 21 North Queensland Cowboys 20

Brisbane left with the points after a successful field goal from Anthony Milford finally gave them victory in the 84th minute.

The Bunker has failed to live up to the hype

After a few weeks of reasonable but to be honest rather easy decisions, we have seen a number of controversial decisions, the Gillette no try and the two denied to the Cowboys were the ones the Bunker was meant to avoid and yet we saw last night the wrong decision even with the “best “ crew available. Given the facilities available, should a request for their assistance go up without a decision but with the points requiring clarification? If the bunker can then make the call, they do otherwise, send it down to the ref for his own call.  A ref watching the video may be able to confirm his decision and talk with the bunker, but sending something up should be then judged on its merits rather than overturn the decision.

Did the better side left without the points?

Sometimes bad luck and sometimes poor handling can make you wonder where your team is going wrong. Last night was an example of refereeing double standards that rewarded the home town crowd rather than represent the required quality of the NRL. Re-watching the game to ensure my Cowboys coloured glasses were of little effect shows multiple incidents of the Broncos slowing the play down that were significantly worse than those that drew penalties and these infringements went unpunished. Little wonder JT was asking valid questions at the end of the game. The 6 soft first half points to the Broncos significantly impacted on the game with either 4 similar penalties failed to be awarded or at least two of the three not blown if this game was fairly adjudicated.

Broncos have a lot of work to do

Even with the whistle in their back pocket, they struggled to overcome a team at their own home ground. Milford and Roberts were standouts, but way to many high money players were less than effective with Adam Blair and Sam Thaiday both struggling to be effective. Riding high on a home crowd may plaster over some of the cracks, but the Broncos would know that they have some work to do.

Cowboys also have some work to do

Antonio Winterstein may be the first replaced player in this line up in 7 games after a quiet performance. It is hard to justify keeping Gideon Mosby-Gela on the sidelines ad the quiet performance tonight may be the opening required for his introduction into First Grade. Given the discussion about Lachlan Coote and his future departure, it may be time to ensure that Gideon has some games under his belt before the end of the season. Feldt can feel a bit ripped off (and so would you if you had him in your SuperCoach team) but his efforts were a lot more noticeable than Antonio. Whilst they may feel ripped off, it is also of note that they had some other opportunities that they did not take. Hat tip to Jason Taumalolo who cracked it for 214 metres.

In the Sheds

Cowboys: Matt Scott (ankle) stayed on played 62 minutes. Ethan Lowe (Concussion) returned.

Broncos: Jordan Kahu (concussion) returned.



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