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NRL Match Reports

Four pointers: NQ Cowboys 21 defeat Brisbane Broncos 20

A Golden Point game once again. Is anyone else convinced that the Cowboys and Broncos hold shares in a blood pressure treatment company.

Point 1: These two sides leave nothing on the Table

How many games in recent history between these two sides have been instant classics? The largest margin was the overtime victory that was 6 points as the two sides played out the full 10 minutes. Every other game has been by a point or two with players from both sides almost dead on their feet as they fight to the bitter end. This game was no different, although the first hour was classic footy, the final 20 minutes of regular time and the additional minutes played, had your eyes superglue to the screen and your vocal chords running raw as you cheer and scream the teams on.

Point 2: Thurston Magic was the Tackle rather than the Drop Goal.

The point that finished the game won the match, but the effort from Thurston to close down the final play of the first half of extra time was the lift that every Cowboy player needed. The great effort from the other JT in blocking the field goal attempt gave the Broncos a 5 on 4 overlap down the left had side of the field. Flick passes and possession with time ticking down required a massive effort from Thurston to cover from where he marked up. Slotting the drop goal was classic Thurston, under pressure and known to be the player taking the kick, he calmly guided the ball through as easily as he slipped the dagger into the Broncos fans hearts.

Point 3: Two Great Team Efforts.

Every player put in the maximum effort. Watching the game, you were not looking at any single player from either side and said his game was the reason why the team won or lost. The Broncos had a number of players who stepped up for this contest and the same can be said for the Cowboys. Whilst the Broncos will go away without the points, there were few faults in their game and it would have been good enough to defeat most other teams. The Cowboys will be relieved to return home with the points, but the number of injuries and a potential suspension will be worrisome.

Point 4: Where to now for the Broncos?

One early loss does not determine your season, however for the Broncos, there were some worrying signs. They did not score a try from a possession that started in their own half (given that everyone else saw the two forward passes leading up to the Kahu try) and this lack of a full field game may leave them exposed to being contained to all but the last 30, knowing that they lack the ability to drive it the full length of the field.  The injury to Kahu did limit their options, but they did seem vulnerable to the scoot play late in the game.



NQ Cowboys 21
Tries: Coen Hess, Michael Morgan
Goals: Johnathan Thurston 4
Field Goals: Johnathan Thurston

Brisbane Broncos 20
Tries: James Roberts, Darius Boyd, Jordan Kahu
Goals: Anthony Milford 4

IT Grad (at an old age), Cowboys and Blackhawks Fan

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