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International Rugby League

Four Pointers: Australian Jillaroos 16 Kiwi Ferns 4

In a brilliant match up and powerful game, the Jillaroos out-classed the Kiwi Ferns in the female ANZAC test on Friday night at GIO Stadium winning by twelve points.

Isabelle Kelly Showed Brilliance

Star Jillaroos fullback Sam Bremner was ruled out of the match the day before after suffering a head knock, and as a result Isabelle Kelly was called upon into the seventeen and proved herself worthy of her spot, showing brilliance for her Australian side. She was dominant on the Roos’ left wing, running for 130 metres and opening the scoring with a brilliant solo try. After receiving a kick from the Ferns, she ran straight through the defence of the opposition and ran to cross the chalk with ease. It was a brilliant start for the Jillaroos and for her as an Australian debutant.

Jillaroos Defended Well

The defence from Australia was strong and impacted upon the end result of the match. They tackled well, especially on their own line, not allowing many opportunities for their opposition to get over the and score more than their four points they accumulated in the 25th minute, which was a result of not being able to get themselves right across their own defensive line. It was a really strong effort from the Jillaroos, hitting hard which forced errors, allowing them to build pressure on the Ferns.

Ferns Errors Were Costly

Overall the Kiwi Ferns made a total of fifteen errors, which undoubtedly had an impact on the end result of the match. A few proved to have an immediate cost, with the Jillaroos scoring off the back of the errors, and a few stopped the Ferns from crossing the line for themselves. If they hadn’t made these errors the match could have been a lot closer. Though despite this, they made up for it with some brilliant plays and their defensive effort were huge, and had an impact on the Jillaroos, despite still winning by a reasonable margin. The Ferns are a brilliant side and are threatening to the Roos.

There are Some Incredible Women in League

Despite a slightly one-sided match, it was a tough game and both the Kiwi Ferns and the Australian Jillaroos played brilliantly, putting on quite a show for the audience both at the ground and at home. Both sides have great players who proved their strength as rugby league players, and as women in league, playing a fantastic eighty-minute match at GIO Stadium on Friday night. Both sides attacked and defended well, with sheer determination to play the game that they love. The strength and toughness that was on display for the entire eighty minutes left the viewers on the edge of their seat, and was all in all a great game to watch.

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