NRL CEO Todd Greenberg announced a surprise new rule for the rest of 2017.

‘Tackle Billy Slater and it’s an automatic penalty.’

“The Slater Rule” is a reaction to Sia Soliola’s five-week suspension.

‘Everyone loves Billy the Kid. He’s the bushy jockey done good and extremely marketable. We need to protect him, even a light tap can be dangerous. It may result in more soft tries for Slater, but that’s great for the news highlights.’

Canberra coach Ricky Stuart blasted the new rule, ‘This is a typical overreaction by the NRL. Poor Sia’s a gentle soul, he was a scapegoat because it was Slater. Anyone else and the NRL wouldn’t have cared. Go on, fine me again for speaking the truth!’

Depending on its success, the new rule may be extended to include superstars Cam Smith and Johnathan Thurston from 2018.

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