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The Forward Pass: What’s the NRL’s shock finals move?

The fake news that’s actually fake.

The NRL has banned the Bunker for the 2017 finals series.

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After two years of controversy, NRL CEO Todd Greenberg finally admitted the Bunker was a giant mess, “I’ve tried to ignore all the bad feedback, but that Semi try was the last straw. We’ve got a huge finals series coming up and can’t afford the Bunker’s weekly stuff ups.”

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The Bunker officials will be allocated as on-ground video referees for the finals and grand final.

“I think that’s part of the problem,” said Greenberg. “Put too many idiots in the one room and there’s bound to be mistakes. If we separate them we might get some sane decisions.”

“It’s about time,” said referees boss Tony Archer. “I’m sick of defending those Bunker morons every week, makes me look like a joke. If the video refs screw up, they can face the consequences in the media.”

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Greenberg said the Bunker will be reviewed during the off-season, “If the video refs work out well, we might ditch the Bunker and re-invest the savings in grass roots footy…or more advertising for State of Origin, whichever comes first.”

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One anonymous Bunker official is relieved, “Mate, I’m sick of being stuck in that stupid box. It smells, there’s beer stains on the chairs and I think there’s a family of mice living in the walls.”

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