The fake news that’s actually fake.

Parramatta’s Clint Gutherson is a budding YouTube superstar.

Inspired by his ‘wardrobe malfunction’ at the Parramatta awards night, Gutherson launched ‘Gutho’s Great House Tips’ last week.

Topics include:
– How to vacuum the floors without leaving the couch.
– How to tell your left shoe from your right shoe.
– How to dress when you forgot to do laundry.
– How many times can you re-use your lucky underwear and get away with it?
– Ten easy tips to remember bin night.
– Dishwasher broken? Let your pets do the washing for you.

“It’s pretty great so far. Most footy guys have no time, so these handy tips will help them out. I even got my first subscriber. The Parra boys and Brad Arthur love it too,” said Gutherson.

“I love the bloke but his videos are deadset woeful!” said Arthur. “I watched the vacuum one and the machine wasn’t even turned on.The videos give us a good laugh after training, it’s great for team bonding.”

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