The fake news that’s actually fake.

With the Melbourne Storm seemingly destined for another premiership, a controversial shock jock is doing his best to sabotage them.

Cyril Lawman, host of Sydney’s infamous lunchtime talkback radio show Rock Bottomer, has spent this week rehashing the Storm’s 2010 salary cap scandal, spouting ill-informed facts from a hasty Google search and fielding calls from irate fans who can’t let go of the past.

“I don’t care how good the Storm are now, we must never forget about their blatant cheating for two tainted premierships. Obviously the Storm will be so distraught by my masterful exposure of their massive rort they’ll fall out of the finals and my beloved Sydney Roosters will win the premiership,” said Lawman.

Storm coach Craig Bellamy denies Lawman’s tactics will affect them, “Mate, it was seven years ago, we did our penance and moved on. We’re focused on winning the 2017 premiership. Nothing else matters. I could mention that Parramatta and Canterbury were also caught or that nobody in Sydney bothers turning up to games…but I wouldn’t stoop that low.”

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