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#RLWC2017 | Loose carry or not, Cecchin will get the nod

Take the emotions out of Tonga going within a whisker of making the Rugby League World Cup Final in Brisbane next Saturday – referee Matt Cecchin’s call not to refer Andrew Fifita’s try on the siren was the right call.

Cecchin had no hesitation in backing his line official by calling a loose carry against the Tongan forward with the side going down 20-18 in a thrilling contest.  The call appeared correct based on the National Rugby League’s interpretation of a loose carry even with replays suggesting an English hand made contact with the ball.

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The way Cecchin went about making the call showed the type of confidence you need to referee at the elite level.  It’s the same type of character which was displayed by Bill Harrigan who is still regarded as the best referee in the past 30 years.  You need to have a hint of arrogance to be a success at the top.

We as a rugby league community are forever complaining about how referee’s need to make more on-field calls then opting for video technology, yet critical when not using the technology even though the decision appears correct.

No online petition or criticism of Matt Cecchin will make any difference to Tony Archer when it comes to the World Cup Final appointment.  Cecchin will be given the nod ahead of Gerard Sutton for the decider.  He is one of the Archer’s ‘golden boys’ amongst the referee ranks.



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