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Intrust Super Cup (QLD)

Intrust Super Cup | Week 10 Four Pointers

Each week during the Intrust Super Cup, Matt Crowhurst will give his verdict on the main points to come out of the competition.

Four Pointers – Round 10


You don’t have to be playing in a successful team to attract the attention of NRL scouts. One 18-year-old rookie, from a team firmly mired in the bottom half of the competition, has already been approached by an NRL team. He spent two days visiting their facilities and, unless they put a contact in front of him very shortly, we expect other NRL teams to come calling.


Former Hunter Thompson Teteh made his first appearance for the club after returning to the fold just over a week ago. He looked very good, considering he hasn’t played at this level since late 2017 and added a degree of solidity that their backline has been missing all season. Former Hunters Gary Lo and Stanton Albert have also recently returned to PNG from stints in the UK. While Lo will not be anywhere the Hunters camp we do expect Albert to be rushed back into the team to bolster a consistently out played forward pack.


At least one incumbent QLD residents player will be a victim of his team’s poor form. We had him named in our resident’s team, however we have been told he will not be there. In a rare case of form trumping incumbency a player from a more highly placed side is set to swoop in and take his spot.


A massive congratulations to everyone involved with the Wynnum Manly and Russell Island under 11 sides who played at Kitchener Park Sunday. Both teams featured players who face challenges in playing rugby league, an autistic boy for Wynnum Manly and an exceptionally timid young girl for Russell Island. As the second half of the game progressed both teams became aware of the challenges facing the member of the other team and the two teams combined to ensure both players scored a try. Resulting in beaming smiles and much cheering from the sidelines. Well done to all involved.

REVIEW | Intrust Super Cup Round 10

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