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North Queensland Cowboys vs Melbourne Storm


Bunker is just a lottery

Each try approved by the bunker on Saturday night has been denied at some stage this year. As such, this is all the evidence needed to show that the bunker is a bust. That they are the meant to achieve consistency is the greater failing. I wonder if we went back to the live decision and left it at that, we are not really getting rid of the blooper as the number of over-turned decisions is remarkably low, and a number of those have been controversial anyway.  If the two field refs and two touchies cannot observe the game and notice an obstruction, then it must not have really been that bad in the first place.

Are the boots making it difficult

When a player is running close to the touch line, if his boots are grass coloured, they make it very difficult for to determine where the boot ends and the ground begins. As such, are players using boots like this, trying to gain advantage should they be running close to the line when going for a dive. Should there be a requirement that the boots not be within a certain colour range to ensure that the players feet can be clearly identified.

A tale of two Captains

Why did Matt Scott even bother trying to talk to Ben Cummins, a wave away at every attempt and yet Cam Smith had time to leave a tip to the waiter after the coffee and a croissant post each discussion. The Paul Green post-match press discussion centred around the “50/50” calls, but the reality is a number of distinct and definite penalties were ignored by the refs who are too damned scared to upset Cam Smith. Hard enough to beat Melbourne, harder to beat them when they get away with murder.

The Cowboys were not that bad without JT

Without JT it took a number of poor calls and a number of tries that have been called no tries when they have been the Cowboys with the ball for the Storm to get the result. Against any other team in the competition and the Cowboys walk off victorious.






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