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Parramatta Eels vs Manly Sea Eagles


The Parramatta Eels have ended the Manly Sea Eagles’ final’s hopes beating them by one point 10-9 in Friday night football, in front of a home crowd at Pirtek Stadium.

  1. Bevan breaks free to score solo try

Bevan French is an incredible young athlete that has come through to first grade after playing the beginning of the season in the Holden Cup. A brilliant move by coach Brad Arthur after his stats admit his talent, scoring 11 tries in the nine games he has played.    The stats associated with his name convince everyone he fits comfortably within the playing group. Definitely, a positive sign moving forward especially without grabbing Jarryd Hayne as he looks to fulfill the fullback’s position for awhile to come.

Tonight he was the star for the Eels as he started off the game with an incredible solo effort to score a try and give Parramatta the lead early on, in the sixth minute.

  1. Manly miss out at chance of finals

Manly Sea Eagles were wishful and hopeful to make a comeback in the top 8 after a disastrous beginning to the season due to injuries. Manly was in the lead by one point for a majority of the game after playmaker and halfback Daly Cherry-Evans (DCE) slotted through a field goal just before half-time. It, unfortunately, wasn’t enough to get them a chance of finals but they came back from the bottom and will play with determination to do their best and win the last couple of the season.

  1. DCE needs a halves partner

DCE has been thrown around this year with different halving pair by coach Trent Barrett to experiment with what works. He has been doing a majority of the kicking and is struggling to find a bond with Dylan Walker who Barrett usually gives the number 6 jersey to with Jamie Lyon’s absence. This has put a lot of pressure on DCE to perform at his best every single week and create every play on the fifth tackle, which is an immense job. He has not been at his best since Kieran Foran left the club and Manly Sea Eagles need to prioritise maybe Api Koroisau is better suited to halfback than Dylan Walker. Dylan Walker has played in the centre’s majority of his career, which is where he would be beneficial for Manly. DCE needs assistance to control the game from the middle and this will make a huge impact next year if Barrett chooses to focus on this.

  1. Is Trent Barrett in trouble?

Barrett has had an interesting year, to say the least with the Manly Sea Eagles but is his job on the line after their poor performances? Ricky Stuart had many chances with the Raiders before they became a threatening team within the competition, does Barrett need a couple of years to get used to the gig or should he be sacked and someone else come in for another chance. His halving combination has not been a favourite for Manly fan’s and some of his decision-making skills are disliked by the fans. But is this the time for fans to trust Barrett that he is doing the best for a long-term adjustment? As a Manly fan, I would love to see Api Koroisau permanently in number six and Dylan Walker in the centres and push Lewis Brown on the bench.



Parramatta Eels:

  • Tim Mannah- returned at the end of the first half after collision
  • Tepai Moeroa- assisted from the field after receiving a high shot from Josh Starling (was put on report)

Manly Sea Eagles:

  • Martin Taupau


Parramatta Eels- 10

Tries: 1 – Bevan French

Conversions: 1/1- Michael Gordon

Field Goals: Nil

Penalty Goal: 2/2- Michael Gordon

Manly Sea Eagles- 9

Tries: 1- Api Koroisau

Conversions: 1/1- Dylan Walker

Field Goals: 1- Daly Cherry-Evans

Penalty Goals: 1/1- Dylan Walker






Pirtek Stadium
15 O\'Connell St, Parramatta NSW 2150, Australia

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