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Wests Tigers vs North Queensland Cowboys


The Cowboys rushed JT back

By practicing without JT (and remember, he was missing during the Origin period so they were probably OK as a team without him) the Cowboys were probably settled in without him for this game. By bringing him in at this late stage, the focus was drawn overtly back on to him and it unbalanced the attack. The small glimpses of brilliance did not offset the general malaise and the disjointedness across the field was expensive in defence.

Holy Moses

As bad as the Cowboys were, how good was Mitchell Moses. He was easily the key to this dominant display and combined with a handy contribution in defence he was in control. Kicking five from seven was also handy on top of guiding many of the attacking raids.

Poor Completions Kill any Chance of Success

The Cowboys completed at 58% against the Tigers at 82%. You cannot keep giving any competition that much ball and expect to win. If you are barely holding on to the bloody pill, then stop throwing it around like a ping pong ball and value the bloody thing. Complete and make your opponent get to their kick and do it again. It is not pretty, but neither is losing to a team in Sydney.

They have to keep the old Grounds

As much as it sucks to lose to the Tigers, how good did the game look like being held on that old field. The hill, the old stands and sheds. As Dale Kerrigan would have said, it is the serenity of the grounds that give the footy its feel. It is worth points to the Tigers, but it is worthwhile to keep the ties to the community rather than to keep driving fans away from the game just so someone who will watch a game every seventh year will not get a splinter up their butt.

Wests Tigers 26
Tries: Kevin Naiqama, David Nofoaluma, Sauaso Sue, James Tedesco
Goals: Mitchell Moses 2

North Queensland Cowboys 12
Tries: Kane Linnett, Ethan Lowe
Goals: Johnathan Thurston






Leichhardt Oval
64 Mary St, Lilyfield NSW 2040, Australia

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