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Norths Devils vs Townsville Blackhawks



Tries: Carlin Anderson (20m), Anthony Mitchell (61m), Ty Carucci (64m), Ty Carucci (69m)
Goals: Corey Jensen 1 Conv

Tries: Delouise Hoeter (10m), Michael Molo (53m), Luke Pollock (74m)
Goals:William Brittain 1 Conv, Tood Murphy 1 Conv.


The Devils have one of the hardest opponents in the league to start, but at least they are hosting them. After a poor 2016, they will be looking for a strong start as they rebuild under Mark Gliddon. An influx of new talent has them keen for the year. The Blackhawks are solid, but they have had a number of changes after the NRL plundered their ranks. Interesting trials results give no indication on how they will perform.

Who to look out for:

Kodi Nikorima, the Bronco signed utility will be a danger for the Devils and will look to cause major headaches for the Blackhawks. He provides the Devils with a valuable attacking tool and will boost the Devils chances for a successful season.

Michael Parker-Walshe is the catalyst for the success of the Blackhawks. The enigmatic half back has shown time and again his value and influence on the game. When he is absent, due to injury, the results reflected his departure and the Blackhawks will be working hard to keep him on the field for every game.

How they will win:

For the Devils to win, they should make good use of the insider knowledge of former Blackhawks Delouise Hoeter. He knows the strengths of the core of the Blackhawks, but will it be enough. The side has a number of new players and will not be looking to finish 13th this season.

The Blackhawks are stacked with talent and yet having suffered a number of changes will be looking to gel and provide a team effort over the individual brilliance. Hooker, Captain Anthony Mitchell will be also missing his former co-captain Glenn Hall and with the reins in hand, look to lift and drive his changed pack into the finals for their third season since they commenced. Across the park football will be the key to stretching the Devils and securing the victory.


This is tougher than the finishing positions on the table last year represent. The Devils have the potential to surprise but the Blackhawks are constantly building and as the support team for the Cowboys have access to a slightly higher quality of developing players. Blackhawks in a close one by 4 points.


Norths Devils

1. Javarn White 2. Michael Lucas 3. Delouise Hoeter 4. Luke Pollock 5. Dane Chang 6. Kodi Nikorima 7. Todd Murphy 8. Francis Molo 9. Billy Brittain (c) 10. James Taylor 11. David Faamita 12. Matiu Love-Henry 13. Dalton Phillips 14. Gary Riccardi 15. Stephen Coombe 16. Michael Molo 17. Mattais Heimuli 18. Tama Koopu 19. Michael Pearsall

Coach: Mark Gliddon

Townsville Blackhawks

1. Carlin Anderson 2. Paul Byrnes 3. Temone Power 4. Ty Carucci 5. Jonathon Reuben 6. Kyle Laybutt 7. Michael Parker-Walshe 8. Corey Jensen 9. Anthony Mitchell (c) 10. Lee Jewitt 11. Blake Leary 12. Andrew Niemoeller 13. Sione Lousi 14. Kierran Moseley 15. Oshae Tuiasau 16. David Munro 17. Kieran Quabba 18. Ross Bella 19. Samsen O’Neill

Coach: Kristian Woolf








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