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Norths Devils vs Central Queensland Capras




Tries: David Faamita (16m), Michael Lucas (36m), Delouise Hoeter (45m), Chris Sandow (49m), Javarn White (54m), Kodi Nikorima (62m), Kodi Nikorima (70m)
Goals: Todd Murphy 4 Conv

Tries: Tony Tumusa (6m), Tony Tumusa (39m)
Goals: Tony Tumusa 2 Conv


By Daniel White

The Devils return home as one of three teams who successfully defeated PNG on their home turf. That is a tough win and a good indicator of how they are performing as a team. The Capras beat the bottom of the table Teed Heads Seagulls but they do it in their house, which is always a good victory.

Last time out:

Norths headed to the Hunters home ground and surprised many with a strong win. A four try first half was all that was needed to quieten the locals and that they went over by forwards and backs is a clear indicator of the hardest metric a team can achieve. Balance.

It was a tighter contest for the Capras and their second half showing that piled on 18 points was a valuable exhibit of the team strength and willingness to run out the full eighty minutes. That they too were able to score from both the pack and backline is a good sign for the Capras as the season progresses.

Who to Watch:

The battle between the five-eighths in Kodi Nikorima and Maipele Morseau will set both the tone and the attack for both sides. The big wet may be an equalising factor, but the game will come down to the performance of these two for their sides. The back lines of both sides boast many strengths but how the ball gets to them will be critical. High quality players being well fed make for interesting games.

How they will win it:

The Devils just need to continue on with what they are doing. Their last two games have opened the eyes of both the fans and the oppositions as they have been clinical without being boring. If they can play at last weekend’s level, then they should be comfortable against most sides in this competition.

For the Capras to succeed, it will require a step up in defence. They do seem to be able to get points on the board, it will be if they are able to stifle the attack that ran up 30 in the humidity of Port Moresby as they return to their home ground.


How the field handles the deluge that ex-tropical cyclone Debbie has delivered to Brisbane may have an impact, but it should not be enough to level the field completely. Norths Devils to continue on their climb up the ladder with a solid win. Devils by 8+


Norths Devils

1. Javarn White 2. Michael Lucas 3. Delouise Hoeter 4. Luke Pollock 5. Dane Chang 6. Kodi Nikorima 7. Todd Murphy 8. Francis Molo 9. Billy Brittain (c) 10. James Taylor 11. David Faamita 12. Matiu Love-Henry 13. Dalton Phillips 14. Chris Sandow 15. Mattais Heimuli 16. Michael Molo 17. Stephen Coombe 18. Mike Pearsall 19. Tui Oloapu 20 Dallas Wells

Coach: Mark Gliddon

CQ Capras

1. Tony Tumusa 2. Ken Tofilau 3. Justin Tavae 4. Junior Kirisome 5. Chanel Seigafo 6. Maipele Morseau 7. Jack Madden 8. Matthew Groat 9. Krys Freeman 10. Oliver Percy 11. Ayden Cooper 12. Guy Williams (c) 13. Gavin Hiscox (c) 15. Phill Nati 16. Jack Kavanagh 17. Aleki Falepaini 18. William Cullen 19. Samuel Smith

Coach: Kim Williams


Central 24 Norths 32
Norths 40 Central 24






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