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Townsville Blackhawks vs Tweed Heads Seagulls



Tries: Temone Power (4m), Ty Carucci (13m), Samsen O’Neill (22m), Carlin Anderson (42m), Jonathan Reuben (46m), Samsen O’Neill (50m), Kyle Laybutt (67m), Carlin Anderson (75m), Jordan Kenworthy (79m)
Goals: Carlin Anderson 6 Conv

Tries: Kurt Bernard (9m), Shane Gillham (56m), Kurt Bernard (72m)
Goals: Michael Burgess 3 Conv


By Dan White

Tweed Heads Seagulls fly north after a solid win over the Devils, the Blackhawks remain at home, wondering how they managed to lose to the Bears. With the quality of the players, is there trouble at Jack Manski?

Last time out:

An upset at Jack Manski oval as the Burleigh Bears came north and did not let the locals have the points. Jonathon Reuben and Carlin Anderson both put up 200 metre games and yet the remaining 15 contributed less than 950 more. Dan Beasley led the tackling with an enormous 54, but this was needed as the team required to make almost 100 more tackles over the game. Early in the tackle count errors continually killed the Blackhawks and they left the field trailing by two and with questions starting to rumble on how the team is going to perform at the level expected by a team that is the primary support to the Cowboys.

Tweed Heads had a blinder against the more fancied Devils. They made their first win a memorable away effort, as they ran in six tries to five and scored both through the middle and down the sides, with winger Tevita Folau getting in for two from the wing. With eight of the team running for more than 100-meters, it was clear that the team worked together to get the win.

Who to look out for:

This game will feature two hookers who are integral to their team’s success. Sam Meskell leads the Seagulls and will not take a step backwards, Anthony Mitchell is just as important for the Blackhawks and his ability to inject himself into the play creates many opportunities. The Blackhawks will be after some redemption in this inconsistent season, and his leadership in support of Beasley will be a key to victory. We will also get two quality wingers facing off against each other in Reuben and Folau. Both are noted try scorers and both are not afraid to defend either. Should make for a great game.

How they will win it:

The Blackhawks are a conundrum at this time. They are still a capable side, even with a number of players moving up to the Cowboys bench, but they are not performing as well as most observers expect. For them to win, all it should take is for them to do the basics well, and roll on over whoever they face up to. But this season, they are leaving points on the field and losing by less than what they failed to take advantage of. To win, all they need to do is play to their potential, but why are they not even getting close to this in recent weeks is the real question?

For the Seagulls to win, they will need the Blackhawks to continue to not play up to their potential and to exploit this lack of desire and do their own jobs well. It is a touch arrogant, but the Seagulls should not be able to get close to the Blackhawks if the Blackhawks want to win this game. If the issues within the Blackhawks are more than are not up for it, then Tweed Heads are in with a chance that they will have to grab with both hands. Recent performances have shown that this opportunity is currently present.


The Blackhawks should win this. They should be able to close down the Seagulls pack and dominate through the middle. They should also be able to get the ball wide and make use of the speed and finishing abilities of the back three. Tweed Heads are in with a chance, but the Blackhawks should be a level above. Blackhawks by 6.


Townsville Blackhawks:

1. Carlin Anderson 2. Samsen O’Neill 3. Temone Power 4. Ty Carucci
5. Jonathon Reuben 6. Kyle Laybutt 7. Michael Parker-Walshe 8. Sam Hoare 9. Anthony Mitchell
22. Oshae Tuiasau 11. Jordan Kenworthy 12. Andrew Niemoeller 13. Daniel Beasley (c) 10. Lee Jewitt 14. Kierran Moseley 15. Kieran Quabba 16. David Munro

Coach: Kristian Woolf

Tweed Heads Seagulls:

1. Talor Walters 2. Tevita Folau 3. James Wood 4. James Toole
5. Brayden McGrady 6. Lindon McGrady 7. Michael Burgess 8. Shane Gillham 9. Samuel Meskell (c) 10. Damien Sironen (c) 11. Lamar Manuel-Liolevave 12. Sam Carson 13. Samuel Saville
15. Nicholas Harrold 16. Carne Doyle-Manga 17. William Johnstone 18. Ben Nakubuwai
19. Kurt Bernard 22. Morgan Boyle







Jack Manski Oval
14 Golf Links Dr, Kirwan QLD 4817, Australia

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