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Central Queensland Capras vs Ipswich Jets



Tries: Nemani Valekapa (5m), Nemani Valekapa (13m), Chris Ash (18m), Chris Ash (44m), Richard Pandia (66m), Michale Purcell (73m)
Goals: Wes Conlon 3/6 Conv

Tries: Ken Tofilau (9m), William Cullen (52m), Gavin Hiscox (77m)
Goals: Tony Tumusa 2/3 Conv


By Dan White

The Jets continued their recent run of wins against the Bears. The Capras went down to the Tigers, however they were right in this game and performed better than many expected.

Last time out:

The Jets were held to two tries by the Bears, but they managed to get the points after a sloppy Bears side gave up three penalties that kept the Jets in the game until Michael Purcell sealed the win by crossing in the 72nd minute. It was the wingers second for the match and may have done some serious damage to the Bears comeback plans after a poor start to the season.

The Capras were in Tiger town against the in-form team of the competition. When it is fourth versus twelfth, it is sometimes easy to get lazy, but the Tigers were honest and the effort in the first half by the Capras would have given them some hope as they headed into the shed at eighteen all.

The second half fell the Tigers way but the Capras should be able to take a lot away from their performance. Will it be enough to ground the Jets, it may also be closer than people expect.

Who to look out for:

I like the matchup between the number sevens in this clash. Dane Phillips is the Jets captain and provides a strong hand in guiding his team around the park. He is up against Jack Madden, who is a local from only 110Ks from Rockhampton who has certainly slotted in well in his first season with the Capras. Half-backs are the key to many wins, and both sides have excellent players filling this role.

How they will win:

For the Capras, being at home will be a boost. If they can show the same effort that was present against the Tigers, then they will be in with a chance. They have a decent spine and will be looking to work hard to take the points. The 2017 Capras are turning into a well-balanced side and they are capable of scoring at every position.

The Jets have a solid and surprising back-line and they will hope to continue to their scoring through these players. They have been excellent in defence, keeping the Bears to only two tries and it is here where they will be aiming to create their victory.


Toss up as both these teams are easily capable of putting on a show and taking the points. At home and with the weekend of rest, you may favour the Capras but the Jets may well do what is needed to take the points. At home, Capras by 2.



CQ Capras

1. Maipele Morseau 2. Ken Tofilau 3. Justin Tavae 4. Nathan Bassani 5. Tony Tumusa 6. Reece Baker 7. Jack Madden 8. Matthew Groat 9. Krys Freeman 10. Oliver Percy 11. Marco Delapena 12. Guy Williams (c) 13. Gavin Hiscox (c) 15. William Cullen 16. Phill Nati 17. John Filipo 19. Vic Halfpenny

Coach: Kim Williams

Ipswich Jets

1. Wes Conlon 2. Michael Purcell 3. Ben White 4. Nemani Valekapa 5. Richard Pandia 6. Chris Ash 7. Dane Phillips (c) 8. Mitch Carpenter 9. Luke Capewell 10. Nat Neale 22. Tyson Lofipo 12. Seb Pandia 13. Rory Humphreys 11. Sam Martin 15. Lachlan Roe 16. Huskie Teatau 21. Nathan Gaulton 17. Jesse Roberts 18. Peter Whittaker 20. Tu’u Maori

Coach: Ben Walker and Shane Walker








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