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Sunshine Coast Falcons vs Ipswich Jets


The Sunshine Coast remain second and just one point from the top after overcoming a resilient Ipswich Jets challenge on Saturday afternoon.

It took a second half burst of four tries in 13 minutes from the 62nd minute to swing the game in the home side’s favour, but prior to that Ipswich were right in the game.

A low scoring first half saw just one try a piece, but in a second half that saw 7 tries Ipswich were first out of the blocks with a try straight after half time. The Falcons responded but so too did Ipswich, with Michael Purcell continuing his fine try scoring. Unfortunately unlike last week where Purcell wrapped up a hat trick in 13 second half minutes, it was their last score of the game as the Sunshine Coast went on their try scoring spree.

For the Sunshine Coast there were tries to Melbourne Storm hopefuls Ryley Jacks and Jahrome Hughes, and winger Matthew Soper-Lawler got a double. And they look a strong chance for the premiership. The loss sees Ipswich remain 8th, with an increasing gap to sixth.


Tries: Joe Stimson (4m), Matthew Soper-Lawler (44m), Ryley Jacks (61m), Matthew Soper-Lawler (66m), Jahrome Hughes (69m), Alexander Copelin (73m)
Goals: Guy Hamilton 3/3 Conv Scott Drinkwater 2/2 Conv, Donald Malone 1/1 Conv

Tries: Nat Neale (7m), Nemani Valekapa (41m), Michael Purcell (49m)
Goals: Wes Conlon 2/3 Conv, 0/1 Pen


A fascinating clash awaits to open the Intrust Super Cup Round 13 as the high flying Sunshine Coast Falcons welcome the ad lib rugby league proponents in the Ipswich Jets who are in reasonable form themselves.

Last time out:

Both sides had to work hard for their respective victories last weekend. The Sunshine Coast went two tries down and were behind at half time before they sparked into action and eventually defeated the plucky Devils 37-18 at Bishop Park.

Ipswich too let in an early try against Wynnum, and it was close at 14-12 at half time. A whirlwind three tries in 13 minutes to Michael Purcell did the trick for an eventual 30-18 victory.

Who to watch out for:

Easy to pick try scoring machine Michael Purcell, and no doubt he’ll put on a show, but with the State of Origin period in full swing eyes will be on the feeder sides to supply their NRL affiliates through the representative period.

One to watch for the Falcons who falls into that category is Jahrome Hughes for the Falcons. He did well for the Cowboys in his one off Origin time appearance last year, but will up against the Tiger’s Brodie Croft if either gets the chance. Both players and Ryley Jacks are the kind of examples why a few extra NRL teams wouldn’t hurt, as talents like these won’t have to languish in the Intrust competitions in both states.

Key Battle:

The key battle will be if the more conventional Falcons can hold off the Jets less conventional side. And vice versa whether the Jets can break through the second best defensive side of the competition.


The easy option will be to pick the Falcons, so that is exactly what will be tipped. However Ipswich’s record on the road with 4 wins from 6 they’ll be right in it.

Falcons by 2



Sunshine Coast Falcons

1. Scott Drinkwater 2. Matthew Soper-Lawler 3. Jeremy Hawkins 4. Donald Malone 5. Alexander Copelin 6. Jahrome Hughes 7. Guy Hamilton 18. Vincent Leuluai 9. Alex Bishop 10. Tui Kamikamica 11. Dane Hogan (c) 12. Jye Ballinger 13. Jon Grieve 14. Lachlan Timm 15. Christian Morris 16. Harrison Muller 17. Sean Yorston 19 Liam McDonald

Coach: Craig Ingebrigtsen

Ipswich Jets

1. Wes Conlon 2. Michael Purcell 3. Ben White 4. Nemani Valekapa 5. Richard Pandia 6. Chris Ash 7. Dane Phillips (c) 8. Mitch Carpenter 9. Luke Capewell 10. Nat Neale 22. Tyson Lofipo 12. Seb Pandia 21. Jesse Roberts 11. Sam Martin 13. Rory Humphreys 16. Huskie Teatau 15. Marion Seve 17. Lachlan Roe

Coach: Ben Walker and Shane Walker






Sunshine Coast Stadium
31 Sportsmans Parade, Bokarina QLD 4575, Australia

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