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Mackay Cutters vs Wynnum Manly Seagulls


Inaccurate goal kicking almost cost the Mackay Cutters a much needed win against the Wynnum Seagulls on Saturday night in Mackay. In fact the only conversion Mackay’s Nicho Hynes converted was the one in the last minute of the game. Although to be fair he did kick a penalty as well.

The Cutters scored four tries to two but still needed a last minute try to grab the two competition points at the expense of the Seagulls. Wynnum never let the Cutters get further than 8 in front, and they kept themselves in the game with converting their two tries and slotting a 70th minute penalty which saw the game locked at 14-14.

The last minute try brought a first win for Mackay in five matches, and draws them level with their opponents from Saturday on the Intrust Super Cup ladder.



Tries: Nicho Hynes (4m), Yamba Bowie (15m), Yamba Bowie (39m), Braden Uele (79m)
Goals: Nicho Hynes 1/4 Conv, 1/1 Pen

Tries: Daniel Ogden (20m), Mitch Cronin (57m)
Goals: Mathew Seamark 2/2 Conv, 1/1 Pen


By Dan White

Mackay were over-run by the Bears and Wynnum Manly were more cooked Chooks than Seagulls against a strong Jets side. Both sides are only a couple of wins outside the final six and this game is one they both must win.

Last time out:

Mackay started strongly and were in the sheds with a handy lead as they hosted Burleigh. Even after the Bears pulled it closer with a strong start, they still held firm with a try to put the margin back out to a try. But the Bears did not relent and the Cutters were sliced apart with two late tries that they really should have prevented. Giving up too many points at the moment, something they need to improve.

The Jets and Seagulls were neck and neck for the first half, and it was a penalty that separated them at the half. But a Mitch Purcell hattrick was the difference as he put the jets out by 18 points that was not able to be redressed, regardless of the effort from the Seagulls. They did score last and they did not quit, and so this game may well be within their reach.

Who to watch out for:

Both teams need to stop leaking points, with gaps being opened up through the usual pathways such as the A Gap and due to failing to shift. With this in mind, I am looking to the Lock position to be the critical point of failure or (hopefully) success. Thomas Murphy for the Cutters and Max Elliot for Wynnum Manly will both have to put in the effort to be the difference makers for their teams.

How they will win:

Again, both sides have the same issue. They are more than capable of putting on enough points to have a winning score, it is how they prevent the other from getting over the line that will determine the outcome of this game.


I loath to pick the Cutters as it is often harder for a team to come back after dropping a game they should have won. However, Wynnum Manly are in a similar boat. Who bounces back best, I will go with the team that does not have to travel.

Cutters by 4.


Mackay Cutters

1. Jack Joass 2. Johnny Faletagoa’i 3. Setaimata Sa 4. Jordan Pereira 5. Yamba Bowie 6. Nicho Hynes 7. Cooper Bambling 8. Braden Uele 9. Aaron Booth 10. Nicholas Brown 11. Andrew Davey (c) 12. Shane Wright 13. Thomas Murphy 14. Jake Eden 15. Jacob Pottinger 16. Jack Blagbrough 17. Isaac Richardson

Coach: Steve Sheppard

Wynnum Manly Seagulls

1. Mitch Cronin 2. Peter Gubb 3. Mitchell Buckett 4. Alex Barr 5. Daniel Ogden 6. Mathew Seamark 7. Travis Burns 8. Aaron Rockley 9. Jayden Berrell 10. Mitchell Dodds 11. John Te Reo 12. Mitch Frei (c) 13. Max Elliott 14. William Brimson 15. Salesi Funaki 16. Brendon Gibb 17. Ngarima Pita

Coach: Adam Brideson




Position T G P DG


Position T G P DG


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Leisure Ct, South Mackay QLD 4740, Australia
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