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Mackay Cutters vs Townsville Blackhawks


An 80th minute penalty goal from Carlin Anderson secured one competition point for the Townsville Blackhawks against the Mackay Cutters, as for the second time in four rounds they needed a vey late kick at goal just to snatch a draw. They drew with the Capras four weeks ago with a debatably awarded late try and conversion.

Mackay almost cost themselves a win last weekend against Wynnum with missed conversions, and the same issue came back to bite them this week as they managed to land just one of their four conversions with a penalty, Townsville landed all three plus a penalty.

Mackay outscored Townsville in terms of tries (4-3), and all seven tries came in the first half, with Mackay scoring first, followed by Townsville, and from there the lead chopped and changed until it was deadlocked at half time. There was much less scoring in the second half with just a penalty each to show for the 40 minutes. Mackay got their first in the 56th minute to edge ahead by two, but the last gasp reply from Townsville hurt.

Mackay edge just a little further from the bottom of the Intrust Super Cup, whilst the dropped point for Townsville allowed Ipswich to close within a win of the final Top 6 spot.


Tries: Jordan Pereira (2m), Johnny Faletagoa’i (21m), Yamba Bowie (25m), Copper Bambling (33m)
Goals: Nicho Hynes 1/4 Conv, 1/1 Pen

Tries: Oshae Tuiasau (9m), Jonathon Reuben (30m), Ross Bella (37m)
Goals: Carlin Anderson 3/3 Conv, 1/1 Pen


By Dan White

The Blackhawks defeated the Dolphins and the Cutters defeated Wynnum Manly in fast paced game that was always up for grabs. After a few down weeks, have the Blackhawks turned the corner, or will the Cutters provide a morale boosting response to the round 3 humbling.

Last Time Out:

Mackay put on one of their best displays this season by scoring two tries each half and restricting the visiting Seagulls to just a try each side of the bell. Good metres were made and line breaks gave them the advantage but they were behind in every other major statistic except for getting the good side on missed tackles. Statistics can say one thing, and for this game, it was that the backlines of both sides ran wild. The Cutters had three of the back five run form more than 170 metres and yet the Seagulls were also not short in production from the back 5.

For the Cutters forwards, it was different. With just Brown and Murphy going over 100. The Seagulls had 5 forwards pound out more than 100 and one more on 99 metres. Concerning numbers but they did manage to come off the field with the win.

The Blackhawks looked almost back to their normal form in a game that I had selected for them to drop. The Dolphins had been knocked off the top of the table the weekend before and it was expected for them to come up to Townsville facing a team beaten up by a dominant Hunters and take home the points.

The Blackhawks were strong from the outset, and the Dolphins provided a tight contest. With no score after 20 minutes, it was not from a lack of adventure from either side. Carlin Anderson responded to the Dolphins opening try, before Jonathon Reuben gave the Blackhawks the half time lead. Many of the locals were concerned, as recent games had seen this position deteriorate after the oranges.

It was not happening again, as Laybutt, Jensen and Anderson all crossed to give the Blackhawks a much-needed victory. No one player dominated the stats for the Blackhawks, which indicates that they performed as a team, something that has been missing in recent times. The coach would have been breathing a lot easier after a very mediocre May.

Who to look out for:

The loss of Laybutt to the Cowboys (although currently named) will for the focus back to Michael Parker-Walshe. His opponent will be Cooper Bambling and both number 7’s are in need of a great game. MPW had a good game with the boot last time out, and it may be there where we see the difference in game plan and execution. Both teams will need good performances from the Half-backs, and whomever wins this battle, may well win this war.

How they Will Win?

The Cutters will need a bit of luck alongside an excellent effort to win this one. One piece may have already fallen this way with the possible exclusion of Laybutt. They are a better team than round 3 and with the improvement of the defensive efforts, should be able to make a real game of this clash.

The Blackhawks are hard to judge. They were lucky to escape with a draw with the Capras, and were well beaten by the Hunters. Their return to the winners circle would have been encouraging, given that their play as a team was the driver over the individual performances that had signified recent wins. They were 48 points better than the Cutters back in March, if they are half as good, they should still be able to win, just through the quality of play.


The Blackhawks should win (said that way too often this season) and with a number of players returning to their expected form, it should still happen. However, this relies on the Blackhawks playing to their potential and we have not seen this done on a routine basis this season. Cutter could cause the upset, and it would not surprise anyone to see them get this win. Blackhawks by 6.


Mackay Cutters

1. Jack Joass 2. Johnny Faletagoa’i 3. Setaimata Sa 4. Jordan Pereira 5. Yamba Bowie 6. Nicho Hynes 7. Cooper Bambling 8. Braden Uele 9. Aaron Booth 10. Nicholas Brown 11. Andrew Davey (c) 12. Bennett Leslie 13. Thomas Murphy 14. Jacob Pottinger 15. Isaac Richardson 16. Jack Blagbrough 17. Kouma Samson

Coach: Steve Sheppard

Townsville Blackhawks

1. Carlin Anderson 2. Samsen O’Neill 3. Ty Carucci 4. Davin Crampton 5. Jonathon Reuben 6. Kyle Laybutt 7. Michael Parker-Walshe 8. Daniel Beasley 9. Anthony Mitchell (c) 10. Corey Jensen 11. Blake Leary 12. Andrew Niemoeller 13. David Munro 14. Kierran Moseley 15. Jordan Kenworthy 16. Sione Lousi 17. Kieran Quabba

Coach: Kristian Woolf




Position T G P DG


Position T G P DG


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