Please read the below guidelines before you submit an article

  1. Writing length – NothingButLeague prefers submitted articles to be no fewer than 250 words and no more than 1,000.  These are subject to change at the site’s discretion.
  2. Consider why you are writing.  It may be because you feel strongly about an issue, or want to profile one of the players or officials that contribute to the game.
  3. Before you put fingers to your keyboard, consider whether your story will be defamatory, racist, deliberately inflammatory or offensive.  We also won’t tolerate any kind of attack on writers to this site. Offensive language in stories is prohibited. NothingButLeague reserve the right to reject stories that meet any of the definitions provided in this paragraph.
  4. Please use upper and lower case in the Article Title, and Article Text.
  5. You may upload a feature image to go with your story.
  6. Select ONE option from the Event Covered list.
  7. Please contact us at if you find something wrong with your article and it needs editing.  Provide the article title for ease of locating.
  8. Finally, save a copy of your story on a word document or text pad in case you have a problem trying to submit your article.
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