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108 days and counting…


It’s 108 days away to May 5, but the battle lines are being drawn for Michael Jennings to play against his former club.

Ivan Cleary’s comment to the media following Jennings’ departure was brutal.  “The bottom line is that when your highest-paid asset is not bringing the return you need, then something’s got to give”.

Michael Jennings responded later at the Roosters press conference saying of Cleary, “… It is disappointing hearing that. Like I said, he’s entitled to his opinion.”  Jennings went on to say, “I didn’t feel nothing from Ivan, I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t sense anything.”

It is my opinion that Michael Jennings, failed to show the discipline or the leadership that’s expected of a player on very good money.

The discipline issues started when Matt Elliott was in charge and it took someone like Phil Gould to embarrass him one cold night at Penrith as he took the walk of shame giving out free tickets to the next home game.  There continued to be problems including the ANZAC weekend last year.  That in some way was the last straw.  Ivan Cleary was fed up with the attitude and subsequently banished Jennings to the Wolves.

Spare a thought for some of those Panthers who are on 1/6th (approx. $100,000) of what he was getting.  These guys were putting in the efforts in training and it was reflected in their game day efforts.  This could not be healthy in building good culture.

I will put on record that despite the loss of some high paid key players, the Panthers will improve on their fifteen placing of 2012.

The recruitment has been strong and there are some good and somewhat grounded players on board to go up a level.

Clear all your appointments for May 5, 2013… it’s going to be a game you won’t want to miss!


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