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BLOG: RD 4 matchday vs Gold Coast Titans

31/3/2013 16:50 – NRL lose to the Titans with the season already on the line for the Panthers.  Click here for report.

31/3/2013 16:40 – Under 20’s great win to go four from four this year.  Click here for report.

FULLTIME: Not without trying, the Panthers have gone down to the Titans 28-10 at Centrebet Stadium.  The referee’s are being booed from the field.  A third straight loss.  The game was close with five minutes to go and the Panthers on the attack but a loose pass from Walsh and the Titans went upfield and scored.  A scrappy game often influenced by referee decisions and they’ll be more pressure on the ref boss Daniel Anderson to scrap the farcical obstruction rule after Tom Humble’s first half try was denied after Sika Manu took out Greg Bird.

80th min – Kevin Gordon scores his second after running from their forty where Srama was clear and passed on his outside to Gordon as he fell.  Srama has been taken off with a shoulder problem in the meantime.   Sezer from out wide hits the posts and is unable to convert the Gordon try.

79th min – Mansour held up over the line on the last tackle after taking a Luke Walsh bomb.  Titans hold.

75th min – TITANS TRY – Kevin Gordon scores under the posts after going 80 metres untouched following a loose ball from Walsh which went behind Naiqama.  That’s the game.  Sezer converts and the Titans will lead 24-10.

74th min – Luke Walsh huge bomb dropped by Zillman ten metres out from his line.

72nd min – kick from Naiqama on the attack and Naiqama is penalised for holding back Gordon.

70th min – Aiden Sezer kicks dead attempting a 40-20.

68th min – Sam McKendry loses the ball under the posts in the tackle despite Nate Myles pushing him down again after being tackled.

67th min – Mead taps the ball dead after a kick from Walsh in goal.

66th min – Titans botch a try with a fumble to Steve Michaels close to the line trying to pick up a ball then Brad Tighe goes for a run near half way only to be chopped down by Zillman.

63rd min – PANTHERS TRY – Tommy Humble intercept and he’s run ninety metres to score.  Bailey’s offload intercepted.  Gordon can’t get there despite his efforts.  Naiqamam converts.  Panthers trail 18-10 now

62nd min – Titans go from tryline to tryline but Kevin Gordon kicks dead on the last tackle.

60th min – TITANS TRY – Steve Michaels crosses to make it 16-6 and that could make it impossible for the Panthers to come back from here.  The ball went wide with Zillman finding Steve Michaels to cross.  Sezer converts and the Titans are 18-4 ahead.

59th min – Panthers concede a goal line dropout.  Walsh is down in the hands of the trainers after coming out of a tackle holding his face.  Friendly fire from Ciraldo in the last set of six.

57th min – two consecutive penalties to the Titans including the Panthers being marched ten metres.  Poor discipline.

56th min – a poor set of six by the Panthers on the Titans line following a penalty which sees a lost ball and a scrum to the Titans ten metres out from their own line.

54th min – Segeyaro half break from the scrum where he packed in at lock.

50th min – Albert Kelly huge run downfield tackled by Segeyaro.  Zillman loses the ball out the back later in the tackle count.

49th min – VIDEO REF: possible no try here to Naiqama as he drops the ball near the line.  The ball goes out wide and the cut out pass to Naiqama is spilt.  Looks like Titans hands play at the ball.  Decision: no try and knock on against Naiqama.

47th min – Mansour takes a bomb mid field and runs to the forty metre line in his own half.  Titans don’t get off him and concede a first tackle penalty.

44th min – Adam Docker strong run the first set after the try but the Titans now have the ball bringing it out from their line.

42nd min – PANTHERS TRY – Wes Naiqama scores the opening try as needed. Luke Walsh bomb, Simmons got into a perfect position to tap the ball back to Naiqama to score making Gus Gould happy!  Walsh’s conversion ten metres in from touch misses.  Panthers trail 12-4.

SECOND HALF: The second half has just got underway with the Titans up 12-0.  The visitors to receive the ball first in this half and the Panthers need first points.

HALF TIME: Titans 12-0 ahead.  Whare got an offload metres from the line and Kingston couldn’t hold the ball.  The Titans sufficiently holding down the Panthers on their line making it hard to get a quick play the ball.  It could easily have been twelve all if Humble (obstruction no try) and Walsh (knocked down in scoring) were given.  But the Greg Bird try after poor discipline near their own line put the home side on the back foot.  Hopefully better luck in the second half for the Panthers.

38th min – penalty to the Panthers on the last tackle after Tom Humble was in the clear on the previous tackle.  Last chance here before the break.

37th min – Tom Humble makes an important tackle on Mead.

36th min – Luke Walsh bomb on the last tackle is taken in goal by the Titans and it’s out to the twenty.  Brad Tighe looked dangerous in that last set,

34th min – last tackle option ends up with Nathan Smith who’s tackled on the last forty metres from the Titans line.

33rd min – Dean Whare makes half a break coming out from the goal line.

32nd min – Aiden Sezer has the ball on a string finding touch on the last and making the Panthers play out from their own line.

29th min – TITANS TRY:  After two consecutive penalties, the Titans cross through Greg Bird who runs over Tim Grant and extends his arm to score near the posts.  Aiden Sezer converts and the Titans make the most of their field position to lead 12-0.

27th min – Panthers defend very well but Mansour has to tap the ball over the dead ball line for a goal line dropout.  Panthers must hold here.

25th min – midfield bomb dropped by Mansour.  Panthers now put themselves under pressure twenty metres from their own line.

24th min – The Titans again hold out the Panthers, some good defence by Idris on Brown saves a certain try.  Panthers unlucky here.

23rd min – Last tackle by the Titans bounces and Mansour scoops up the ball to run down the sideline.

22nd min – Last tackle penalty against Lewis Brown thirty five from the Panthers line.

21st min – Luke Walsh kick goes out to Mansour’s wing and pushes it back for Tighe who knocks on.  Another chance goes begging.

19th min – VIDEO REF: Walsh runs on the last and it looks like he’s lost the ball over the line by a Titans player.  From twenty metres out Walsh stepped his way through the defence untouched.  Bird knocks the ball out of Walsh’s hands.  Kelly forced the ball dead.  Decision: no try, goal line dropout.

17th min – Titans conceded a penalty ten metres from their line and Lewis Brown takes the quick tap but can’t score.  Last tackle option from Whare is a kick which goes out on the full.

15th min – the Titans go wide and have the overlap by Idris’ pass to Mead is poor and the Panthers get the feed on halfway.

14th min – TITANS TRY – David Mead scores the opening try.  Idris running at Tighe passes to Mead who beat Mansour for pace to score.  Sezer from the western touchline converts and the Titans are up 6-0.

10th min – the ball is spun wide and Mansour gets tackled into touch a few metres from the line.  Panthers exposing the compact defence.

9th min – Gold Coast concede a goal line drop out.  Luke Walsh pinpoint in landing the ball on the goal line.  Replays show the Panthers get away with a knock on by Simmons in the contest.

7th min – turnover by Albert Kelly in his own thirty.

6th min – David Simmons gets out of his in goal after a grubber kick behind him.  Josh Mansour makes another break as they go wide early in the set of six.  Good contest at Centrebet early on.

4th min – VIDEO REF: possible no try to Humble with Greg Bird maybe taken out in the process by Sika Manu.  Decision: no try.  Let off for the Titans early.

3rd min – Ciraldo offloads in a tackle and it ends up with a flying Josh Mansour down the touchline.  Then he receives a penalty for holding down.  Panthers ball 30 metres from the Titans line.

NRL Kickoff: welcome to Centrebet on a sunny Easter Sunday with a very small crowd on hand to support the Panthers today.  Kevin Kingston leads the Panthers on to the field.  The Titans kick off and will defend the Showground end of the ground.

31/03/2013 13:20 – We’ve run away with the game.  Watene-Zelzniak’s completed his hat-trick. Moss and Foster scoring doubles on our way to a 40-12 demolition of the Titans.

31/03/2013 13:05 – Dan Ginnane tweets:

Titans: Taikarangi, Harrison out, O’Dwyer, Michaels in. Panthers: Clint Newton gone with food poisoning. Nathan Smith in #nrlpengld

31/03/2013 13:00 – Panthers kick clear after Watene-Zelzniak’s second try.  Panthers now up 24-12 against the Titans.  An hour til kickoff now, we should have team news shortly.

31/03/2013 12:50 – The second half’s underway and the Panthers have taken back the lead with a try to Kieren Moss.  Panthers 18-12 with 26 minutes remaining.

31/03/2013 12:25 – Panthers scored through Daniel Foster which was converted by Bryce Cartwright.  The Titans got back on level terms through Mitch Ardler.  Nearing the half time break it’s 12-all.

31/03/2013 12:15 – Titans hit back to level at 6-all thanks to a try to Jared Teo.

31/03/2013 12:05 – Panthers scored first through Watene-Zelzniak which was converted by Cartwright for a six nil lead.

31/03/2013 11:50 – The NYC game has kicked off at Centrebet Stadium.  Panthers gunning for four wins in a row.

31/03/2013 10:05 – Welcome to QLDPanthers coverage of today’s game between the Penrith Panthers and Gold Coast Titans from Centrebet Stadium.  The news is that Ashley Harrison was ruled out earlier this week from the Titans.  Under 20’s play at 11:45 (Brisbane time) and the kickoff to NRL is at 2pm (Brisbane time).  Windsor Wolves play tomorrow in NZ and will be live on Fox Sports at 10:30am (Brisbane time)

26/03/2013 17:30 – Here’s this weeks team listings for both the Panthers and Titans

Have your say about our team by adding a comment!

Panthers v Titans – 31st March, 3:00pm, Centrebet Stadium | #NRLPENGLD


1 Dean Whare 2 Josh Mansour 3 Wes Naiqama 4 Brad Tighe 5 David Simmons 6 Tom Humble 7 Luke Walsh 8 Sam McKendry 9 Kevin Kingston (c) 10 Tim Grant 11 Sika Manu 12 Lewis Brown 13 Cameron Ciraldo
Interchange 14 Adam Docker 15 Nigel Plum 16 James Segeyaro 17 Clint Newton 18 Nathan Smith 20 Matt Robinson

Coach: Ivan Cleary


1 William Zillman 2 Kevin Gordon 3 Brad Takairangi 4 Jamal Idris 5 David Mead 6 Aidan Sezer 7 Albert Kelly 8 Luke Douglas 9 Matt Srama 10 Nate Myles 11 Greg Bird 12 Ben Ridge 13 Ashley Harrison
Interchange 14 Dave Taylor 15 Luke Bailey 16 Ryan James 17 Beau Falloon 18 Luke O’ Dwyer 20 Steve Michaels

Coach: John Cartwright

25/03/2013 16:30 – welcome to the blog for match day 4 vs the Gold Coast Titans this Sunday at Centrebet Stadium from 2pm Brisbane time.  This game will be on Channel 9 delayed.  The Panthers fought back to go down 44-32 in the searing heat against the Rabbitohs while the Titans edged out the Sea-Eagles.


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