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Plummy, Matty Robbo and injuries


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Aren’t we all over these injuries happening to our high flying team?  Nigel Plum’s fracture to the SC joint and a Matty Robbo fracture to his neck is awful news just as we’re heading for finals footy.

Matty’s injury apparently is similar to Sam McKendry’s and we know how much footy big Sam has missed.  As for Plummy, career-best form fighting for a contract earlier this year and now this!  It was hard enough watching a nail biter against the Eels on Saturday night and now to find out it was a costly win with these too guys injured adds further pain.

Mansour (Rd 20), Sika (Rd 22) and then the indefinite injuries to Blake Austin, big Sam with season ending injuries to Cootey and Tom Humble…

I know this is all bad news at the wrong time of the year but one thing can be certain.  Cleary will bring up the right men and they will perform.  It’s not the first time we’ve been in this mess and we’ve had some amazing results.  The worry now is that we’re approaching the finals and we need all the experience to have a shot at getting that final eight spot.

Anyway they’res only one thing as QLDPanther fans we can do and that’s to say this:



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