Lockers They Are A-Changing In Brisbane

Locker spaces are changing at Red Hill – and it would appear there could be more than one in the outside backs.

The Brisbane Broncos today announced the signing of Canberra and Samoa World Cup young gun Anthony Milford for 2015 and beyond.

In a statement today, Broncos head coach Anthony Griffin said: “Anthony is a wonderful young talent that we’ve known about for several years, as he grew up in the Logan area.”

The announcement ends some months of speculation over Milford’s future in the capital with the Raiders.

Out at no.1, it’s no secret that life at the Broncos for incumbent fullback Josh Hoffman hasn’t been a box of fluffy ducks.

He spent a large chunk of the season on the wing in place of Eels-bound Corey Norman, who played fullback, only to find his club had chosen to hire the services of Josh’s cousin Ben Barba for 2014 and beyond.

Rumours have done the rounds in rugby league circles for a number of weeks about a potential departure of Hoffman from Brisbane, only fuelled by a photo that appeared on the weekend.

The Kiwi was pictured with fellow New Zealand representative Bulldogs Krisnan Inu and Greg Eastwood as well as Frank Pritchard and Sam Kasiano, who assumed the unambiguous ‘doggie’ pose for the snapshot.

Talk on Twitter suggests a Hoffman swap from Red Hill to Redfern is “a done deal”, but as with similar tales in this game, a formal announcement is what the movers and shakers are waiting for.

2014 will see Ben Barba and Anthony (Tony) Milford run out in Maroon and yellow. Hoffman is, at the time of writing, still under contract and the word out of the Broncos camp is that coach Anthony Griffins believes former test and Origin winger Jharal Yow Yeh will be fit for the upcoming NRL pre-season trials.

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