ASADA Puts Spotlight on Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks

Today was meant to be ‘D’ day for the Cronulla Sharks as part of the ongoing ASADA investigations.

Interesting to note what the Sydney newspapers are saying.  On one hand Fairfax media is reporting that ASADA will provide an update but it was believed the NRL would not impose any sanctions until after Christmas.  And News Limited reported today that key Sharks staff are likely to be banned and a hefty fine handed to the club as a result of use of illegal substances.  Furthermore, no anti-doping notices will be issued until ASADA approval.

If you were a Sharks fan, who do you believe?  Do you just not read the newspapers and wait for something more concrete?

For club, players and fans it’s been one horrible ride.  Initially named as a club of interest back earlier in the year, Cronulla battled against the odds and made the finals series.

Paul Gallen doesn’t know what will happen following the ASADA investigations.

”We just have to sit back and wait. As players, we’ve done everything that was asked of us, there is nothing else we can do … we really don’t know anything [about what might happen].

”Whenever we hear a rumour someone will go ring the lawyer and they don’t know anything about it. It just seems to be written in the media before anyone knows anything, I guess we’ll find out this week whether all these rumours that have been flying around this week are true.”

To date only one player has been issued with a breach notice.  Ex Panther and Raider winger Sandor Earl was first to be sanctioned in late-August 2013.

Heading in to 2014 the Cronulla story is going to continue and one gets the feeling other clubs and players named by ASADA earlier this year won’t be too far away from having their judgement day.




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