Sharkey’s Fantasy League hints – Halves position

The halves will prove to be one of the most interesting choices when it comes to fantasy this year. On the field halves are the playmakers and the ones to set things up. Good halves usually make a good team, and the same would apply to fantasy, however this season could be a little different. This season there are so many cash cows in the halves that can make money and you will see a lot of teams changing there tactics on this position.

For this season I would recommend going for one gun player in the halves and then going with three cash cow options to make you money, and then maybe later in the season upgrading one of these cash cows to another gun. Some teams will elect to go with four cash cows, however i feel that the position of the halves is too valuable not too have a gun in there. On the other side coaches may elect to go with two guns from the start, which could work but for me there is too much money to be made in this position.

Firstly, picking your gun to have in your halves. I have gone with Adam Reynolds ($393,300) at the moment as I had him in my side last year and really like the way he plays. This could change though as I am also really looking at Daly Cherry Evans ($418,700) to go in my side. Other options include Jarrod Mullen ($391,400), Aidan Sezer (398,200), Johnathan Thurston ($386,200) and Cooper Cronk ($363,300).

Now moving on to the cash cows, where do we even start there are so many options. Tigers young half Luke Brooks ($184,500) will cost you a bit more than other cash cows but if he can keep up the form he showed when he played the Dragons last season he is well worth being selected. Mitch Cornish ($107,000) is another player with big wraps and he comes at minimun price, Cornish is expected to line up in the halves alongside Campese so at that price you would have to consider him. Luke Keary ($107,000) is another player who comes in at minimun price and will start in the halves alongside Adam Reynolds with John Sutton moving to the back-row, Keary is a player we saw a few times last year and saw that he can play some really good football. Ben Hunt ($166,500) like Brooks comes in at a bit more of a cost but he will be starting in the halves for Brisbane this year and should be a player to consider. Finally who will get the spot alongside Cooper Cronk in the halves and replace Widdop, will it be Hampton ($201,900) of Walker ($107,000) whoever it is will have to be worth considering. At the moment I have gone with Ben Hunt, Luke Keary and Mitch Cornish in my halves but that will most likely change after watching some trial matches and seing who looks the goods.

Good Luck selecting your halves, I would recommend to go with the same tactic as me with one gun and three cash cows.

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