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Season is drawing closer, we are almost finished closing in on are teams.  Who am I kidding?  We are still changing it two or three times a day. Anyway moving onto the next position to be analysed which are the centres. There are four players to be selected in the centre position, and this position has got the lot, guns, mid price, cash cows and rookies.

Guns wise I can see three players, Simon Mannering ($371,200), Jamie Lyon ($316,800) and Michael Jennings ($313,800). Simon Mannering ($371,200) is the highest price player in this position and is always a good option as he is a second rower who can be selected as centre, which means he should get good points through tackles, meters gained and tackle breaks, Mannering is a player who should be averaging a consistent forty each week.

Jamie Lyon ($316,800) is another great option in the centre position; he scores tries, sets up tries and kicks goals. Lyon is another player who should be averaging forty this year, but in my opinion won’t be as consistent as Mannering as some weeks he might pull of a score in the 20’s or 30’s but other weeks could pull of a score in the 60’s. Lyon also won’t be playing Origin, which comes in handy when selecting players.

Michael Jennings ($313,800) the final ‘gun’ player in the centre position. Jennings is a player who I can see score really well from being in a good team. We saw that in the World Club Challenge last week, with Jennings scoring a hat trick.  For the price of $313,800 Michael Jennings is good value, as he might score you the odd 30 he should be seeing a lot more scores of 50+ this year. Opposite to Lyon though Jennings will play Origin, which will see him miss valuable rounds in your fantasy team.

In terms of mid price players in this position they are loads, I have narrowed it down to my top three though and have picked Jarred Crocker ($267,400), BJ Leilua ($271,200) and Mariuce Blair ($246,700). Starting it off with Crocker ($267,400), he is a player that is always mentioned when coming to picking your squad, Crocker is a player who can score tries and also kicks goals which is great for picking up extra points. At the price of $267,400 Crocker is a player that must be considered.

BJ Leilua ($271,200) is the first player we have came to that is a lock in my team; Leilua comes in at a great price and should defiantly be considered when it comes to picking your team. From all reports Leilua stared in the trial on the weekend against Canberra scoring two tries. You should be seeing more of the same from him in the season, as he is a great try scorer (13 tries in 19 games last season). For me Leilua is an absolute lock.

Maurice Blair ($246,700) is another great mid price option, last year he was a good POD (for those who had him), scoring points regularly reaching forty. Unfortunately last year when most of us noticed him, and decide to put him in he picked up an injury. Blair has also moved to a new club, having moved from Melbourne to Gold Coast but don’t let that put you off, as he should slot right into Gold Coast team and replace Jamal Idris.

Moving onto the cheap options in this position. I have picked out my two options who should be making the $$$ for you this year. These players are William Hopoate ($192,600) and Dane Gagai ($196,700).

William Hopoate ($192,600) is another of my players, which is a lock in my team. He foes in the category with Smith and Parker as the only players this season I have put in and have not touched since. From all reports in last week’s trial against Manly, Hopoate stared in both attack and defence; if he can pick up the form he left in 2011 he will be one of the best picks of the year. At the price of  $192,600 Hopoate is a must have in my side.

Dane Gagai ($196,700) is another cheap option you should think of selecting in your team this year. With the injury of Mullen, Bennett has moved Boyd up to five eight leaving the Fullback spot at the knights open, he trialled Gagai there on the weekend. Whether its Fullback or Centre Gagai comes in at a good price this season and should be considered.

Good luck with selecting your Centres for this year, My two centres right now are BJ Leilua and William Hopoate and this will not change unless an injury arises.

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