Who will win in the battle of the Odsal points push?

It would appear the Marc Green is determined to drag out the Bradford Bulls point’s saga for as long as possible.

Or maybe it’s not Marc…

I think I speak for most fans of the sport (not Super League, but the sport as a whole) when I say enough is enough.

No real fan of rugby league wants to see the Bulls go out of business, but that club has been badly run by a number of people for a while now. Every couple of months, there was a new investor waiting in the wings, the fans would be owners of the club or some other such line trotted out by another suit.

This time, when the Bulls went into administration, fans of other clubs couldn’t quite understand how they were allowed to remain in the top flight, after all, this was a second offence. Mr Green rightly asked for a review of the RFL decision, and lost. At one point, the club turned up and didn’t even have its own paperwork in order, yet still expected to win!

Now on “legal advice” he has decided to take his battle to the high court. A club statement read: “The Bulls’ legal representatives have reviewed the independent panel’s decision and decided to further pursue legal action against the RFL. The decision to do so has not been made lightly and will be continually reviewed to ensure that any action taken is beneficial to the club, players, partners, supporters and the sport as a whole. “We would not embark upon such an exercise without good reason and cause. We are not doing this just for us as a club, we are pursuing matters for the good of the wider game.”

On what planet can the possibility of the relegation of a club from the top flight of a major UK sport being decided in a law court be good for the “wider game”?

Don’t forget, this is a club which had to cough up over £500,000 in compensation to Leeds after the Iestyn Harris saga rumbled through the courts.

There can and will be only one winner here.


Who gets paid if it goes to court?


Who will advise the Bulls to take it further if they lose this round?


Who will drag the whole of the RFL and Super League to the Court of Arbitration for sport if they lose?


Anyone else beginning to see a pattern here?

Did any of the clubs who failed in the last round of licencing take the RFL to court? No. Because the clubs all agreed to abide by a set of rules and regulations. It appears that Bradford’s new chairman feels that these rules and regulations don’t apply, and just because he’s new to the game and wants to suckle at the teat of the RFL and Sky for a little longer.

Sometimes you just have to accept what’s happened and move on. If Mr Green is so certain he can hang on to the players he’s got, and bring in new ones, then perhaps he should back them to bounce back into the top flight at the earliest opportunity.

All in all, it’s the loyal fans of the club I feel for. They have had to put up with so much in the last few seasons, and they are desperate for the glory days to return to Odsal stadium. The Bulls were the first club to really bring the razzmatazz into the sport. Sadly, this, along with the silverware has dried up.

Fans of Bradford, I for one truly hope that this time, you have a chairman who isn’t there just to collect some kudos and cash from the RFL before bailing and leaving you in administration for the third time.

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