BREAKING: ASADA backdated deal taken by most of Cronulla’s 2011 players

A number of players from Cronulla’s 2011 NRL squad have taken up the option of a back ended suspensions from ASADA for allegedly taking banned substances during the 2011 season.

Stephen Dank, sports scientist at the club, has been accused of giving the players the substances at the time, for which players received ‘show cause’ notices from ASADA early this week.

The deal means the players will be suspended until November this year, with the suspensions backdated to November last year. It will mean players will only miss a total of three NRL matches.

Paul Gallen, was worried about tarnishing his repuation, stating on radio he would be labelled a “drug cheat” as a result of accepting the ban, but has still taken up the offer.

Josh Cordoba, Luke Douglas, Nathan Gardner, Paul Gallen, Wade Graham, Albert Kelly John Morris, Jeremy Smith, Kade Snowden, Anthony Tupou and Matthew Wright have taken up the offer.

Paul Aiton and Ben Pomeroy, both who are now playing in Europe, have rejected the deal, as has retired centre Colin Best.

While having the saga behind them would be a relief for the players, ASADA must also be feeling some relief themselves, with the long investigation now getting some results

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