Has Nine failed Queensland league fans one too many times?

This afternoon Australia and Samoa play in Wollongong, ninety minutes south of Sydney in a game that will decide who plays New Zealand in the Four Nations final.

The game will be streamed live into the host city and every other state, except for Queensland.  Fans in the sunshine state will have their coverage delayed an hour, to fit in with the important Sunday afternoon scheduling of the host network.

This has forced thousands of Queenslanders to illegally stream the coverage live through the Internet.

Is this the final straw for the broadcasting rights held by Channel Nine?  After taking over from Channel Ten in 1992 the coverage has slowly but surely deteriorated to being second-rate.  And it appears the National Rugby League are reluctant to tell the broadcaster when and how they should cover the games.

I stand alongside fellow Queenslanders deploring Channel Nine and it’s lack of respect for the rugby league community in this part of Australia.

At a time when International Rugby League is getting back on it’s feet with a wonderful series it’s one huge step back in promoting the game.

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