Auckland Nines To Feature Shot Clock

The 2015 Dick Smith Auckland Nines tournament, taking place at Auckland’s Eden Park between January 31 and February 2, 2015, will see the introduction of a shot clock to maximise entertainment for fans.

Under the new rule, attacking teams have a maximum of 25 seconds to attempt the conversion following a try. If they fail to do this, the conversion will be deemed unsuccessful.

Likewise, defending teams have a maximum of 25 seconds to perform a drop-out, or face being penalised.

NRL Manager of Football Operations Nathan McGuirk told the idea behind the new rule was to keep the game flowing with minimal delays.

“The Nines is already a fast, exciting game which is full of action,” Mr McGuirk said.

“We think the quick restarts will add even more excitement to this year’s tournament.”

The shot clock will be visible to players and officials and will be activated following the scoring of a try. A siren will sound to indicate the 25 seconds has lapsed, in a similar system to the 24-second shot clock in basketball.

Other changes for the event include allowing teams to nominate a bigger squad of 18 players and being able to rotate players during qualifying matches to ensure they are eligible for the finals.

The Bonus Zone rule which allows teams to score a 5-point try by grounding the ball between the goal posts will be retained.

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