Round 1 review: Revenge is sweet and a Dog up to it’s usual habits

Revenge is sweet!  The Panthers were just too good for the Dogs even though the score was 24-18.

In front of 18,814 fans the Panthers were steaming towards a big win when they led 24-0 with just under half hour left in the contest.  DWZ scoring a pearl of a try where he brushed off two defenders like they were cardboard cutouts.  The opening try for the game after ten minutes was nothing short of brilliant too.  The hand speed of Wallace, to Whare and onto DWZ to score in the corner.  George Jennings scoring on debut with his older brother Michael watching live – that’s kind of special… the ball from Soward a Wally Lewis type long pass out to the flank.  Poetry in motion!  And Chicko’s try just after half time – BOOM!  Cartwright’s offload setting up Segeyaro on a slippery run to the line.


But the game looked like it was stuck on repeat.  It was like the last time these two teams met in home and away regular part of the competition.

On a night that was marred by a debatable no try to Tim Lafai at the twenty-seventh minute, Des Hasler took to the post match interview to launch an attack at the poor execution of his side that saw them trail 22-0 with seventeen minutes remaining. This was evident early when Sam Kasiano’s offload went loose with one of their first attacking plays on the Panthers line.

22-0 and the Dogs got within six after a try right on full-time.  It took the Dogs til the 69th minute to crack the Panthers line.  Tim Browne off a forward pass which would make Jarryd Hayne so proud as a NFL recruit, Curtis Rona and one of the Morris boys scored.

But the unsung hero is Elijah Taylor, bringing down Morris who was in the clear in the final ninety seconds.  Great to see him back in the Panthers jumper! However the day belonged to Segeyaro though.  Too much class, best hooker in the NRL…

So not only were the Dogs up to their usual tricks on the scoreboard but they also were pretty efficient at trying to put the Panthers off their own game.  Maybe a little more focus on the actual game would have seen them better off.

I hope the NRL do fine Des Hasler because if anyone has a complaint about the officials, it’s Dallin.  22nd minute – getting up to play the ball.  A little niggle in the tackle including from everyone’s favourite player Josh Reynolds who nudged DWZ after the tackle was completed.  Scuffle breaks out.  Call – Bulldogs penalty.  Crowd boo.  Crowd were correct to boo.  Awful decision!  Reynolds will have no choice but to sit out a few weeks after being landed with a charge for trying to trip Segeyaro but missed thankfully.  Once a dog, always a dog!

For the second best match report, click here.  Jake has a run down of how the Panthers constructed their win against all the odds from the doomsdayers.

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