ANZAC Jumpers

Here’s a run down on the National Rugby League clubs that will pay tribute to the ANZAC one hundredth anniversary this weekend with a commemorative jersey.

I am not a fan of sponsors having their logo on the jersey.  One club, Penrith, have decided to forfeit sponsor logos on their jumper to pay the ultimate respect to the day.

Cowboys ANZAC Jumper 2015

North Queensland Cowboys

With Townsville as their base, North Queensland have a strong association with the military.

The camouflage look across the white section of the jumper is clever.  The ANZAC with gun in bronze.

Rating 7/10

Panthers ANZAC Jumper 2015
Panthers ANZAC Jumper 2015

Penrith Panthers

Penrith Panthers have done a magnificent job with this jumper.  It’s been so popular with the fans that they are on back order with more expected before this weekend.

The troopers walking across the bottom of the jersey with a sun burnt landscape.  The ANZAC symbol in the middle, the poppy under the neck.  Both Australia and New Zealand flags on each sleeve. The ultimate tribute for those who have fallen.

Rating 10/10

Rabbitohs ANZAC Jumper 2015
Rabbitohs ANZAC Jumper 2015

South Sydney Rabbitohs

Launched last week, the South Sydney ANZAC jumper is disappointing.  The trooper down the side of the jumper is wording underneath the striking Crown Resorts logo.

There appears to be a lack of imagination with the striking logos of Crown Resorts both on the main part of the jumper and sleeves.

This will sell because of their supporters base but a major disappointment.

Rating: 4/10

Dragons 2015 ANZAC Jumper
Dragons ANZAC Jumper 2015

St George-Illawarra Dragons

This isn’t a bad jumper for one of the featured games of the weekend when they take on Sydney Roosters in their traditional clash.

Unlike the shadow of the ANZAC on the Rabbitohs jumper, it’s a striking image of three troopers crossing the battlefield.  This makes the jumper effective.

Rating: 7/10

Roosters ANZAC Jumper 2015

Sydney Roosters

It’s tricky for the Roosters to get this right with their dark blue background.

I think they’ve done a good job at making their jumper lighter at the bottom to have an image of a digger with head tilted, paying respect to the fallen.

Rating: 7/10


Manly Sea Eagles ANZAC jersey 2015

Manly Sea-Eagles

Manly has produced quite a clever ANZAC Jersey with the army brown background and trooper with trumpet playing the Last Post.

I can see this being very popular with fans of the Northern Beaches club.

Rating: 7/10


Knights ANZAC Jersey 2015

Newcastle Knights

A tricky design for Newcastle Knights with a home game against the Cowboys who will wear predominantly white.

A nice touch with the southern cross at the top of the chest and troopers at the bottom.

Rating: 7/10

Raiders ANZAC jersey 2015

Canberra Raiders

One of the more striking pictures of a trooper which covers from the neck to the waist of the jersey despite the ‘greenness’ of the jersey overall.

A map in the top left corner of the battleground adds a nice touch.

Rating: 7/10

Warriors ANZAC jersey 2015

 New Zealand Warriors

This is top class.  A kiwi and kangaroo near the centre of the jersey on either side of the sponsors logo.  Australia and New Zealand flags with military and sailers divided by We Will Remember Them.  The bottom depicting graveyards of the fallen.  A fitting jersey to open the ANZAC Day games.

Rating: 10/10


Wests Tigers ANZAC jersey 2015

Wests Tigers

The ANZAC reference in the Wests Tigers jersey is too ‘boxy’ for my liking.  The troopers going up a hill and the sun shining through the top part of the jumper and into the box is okay.  If I was a Wests Tigers fan with twenty-odd different jerseys, I wouldn’t be rushing out to buy this one.

Rating: 5/10


Eels ANZAC jersey 2015

Parramatta Eels

Not a bad look.  The trooper with the trumpet on top of a dais, in front of fellow troopers in a line across the bottom part of the jersey.  Like the Roosters a lighter effect for the image to stand out.

Rating: 7/10


Brisbane Broncos – no word on whether the Broncos will have an ANZAC jersey.  It would be disappointing considering the market Brisbane have in the south east.

Cronulla Sharks – no information as to whether they are producing a special ANZAC jersey. Unlikely as they face the Panthers on Sunday.

Canterbury Bulldogs – Bulldogs have confirmed no ANZAC jersey will be produced for the commemoration.  They face Wests Tigers on Friday night.

Gold Coast Titans – no information about an ANZAC jersey who will travel to New Zealand for the opening game on April 25.

Melbourne Storm – disappointing for their fans no ANZAC jersey but the club confirmed they will wear the ANZAC logo on our home jersey with special embroidery.


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