Shot Clock for Referees?

In a press conference last week Brisbane Broncos coach Wayne Bennett called for a shot clock to be introduced for video referee decisions.

The NRL’s decision to reduce the amount of interchanges and to introduce a shot clock for line drop outs and scrums, are positive moves to negate the influence of the big forwards and allow the players with flair to impact the game.

To let the game flow and therefore reduce recovery time for players on field should lead to more points on the board. However as Bennett pointed out, the most significant time delay within the game hasn’t been fully addressed.

While the NRL have introduced the bunker system to reduce decision times, the pressure which referees are under does lead to longer decision times.

Bennett’s opinion to introduce a shot clock for video referees could work in controlling that, however it does add more pressure on the referees than necessary.

The AFL and soccer manage to minimise the influence of video technology to only checking if the ball is over the goal line or in the correct goal. The on field referees are able to run the game this often results in a free flowing game.

If the NRL chose to use video technology only to check grounding for tries and relied on the on field referees to make the rest of the decisions, it would help the NRL in their attempts to make the game flow.

While the accuracy in decisions will suffer a little, the over analysis is making the game stagnate.


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