Struggling Tigers show resurgence against Warriors

Wests Tigers 50

Tries: David Nofoaluma 2, Kevin Naqaima, Tim Simona, Martin Tapau, Dean Halatau, Luke Brooks, Pat Richards, Robbie Farah

Goals: Pat Richard 7/8, Keith Galloway 0/1


New Zealand Warriors 16

Tries: Matthew Allwood 2, Albert Vete

Goals: Tuimoala Lolohea 2/3


After some frustrating losses in recent weeks, the Wests Tigers overcame lack of drive to trample the New Zealand Warriors 50-16 at Campbelltown Stadium on Sunday. It was an emotional fixture for the 6711 home fans at the club’s final home game of the season, with the uncertainty surrounding the future of Robbie Farah, who won Man of the Match against the Warriors, at the club.

Scoring the first points of the game, Nathan Friend barged over the line in the ninth minute for a try after the video referee validated the ball’s grounding. Tuimoala Lolohea aced the conversion and the Warriors were confident.

After a superb dummy followed by a twenty-five metre run, Tigers fullback James Tedesco looked to have scored in the eighteenth minute. However, after futher analysis from the video referee the decision was made an obstruction was committed.

Three minutes later, Robbie Farah then put the Tigers and the lead and got the home crowd ecstatic after the video referee confirmed his effort.

On the half-hour mark, Halfback Luke Brooks scored off a brilliant assist from Robbie Farah. Pat Richards successfully converted again from close-range.

In the minutes leading up to half-time, Dene Halatau, from off the bench, scored to extend the lead to twelve points before Pat Richards put the icing on the cake with a conversion.

Once the chants of “Robbie, Robbie” died down and the second-half got underway, the floodgates had opened at Campbelltown Stadium as the Tigers ran amok over the visitors.

Tim Simona kicked off the scoring for the second-half with an explosive sixty-metre run down the field followed by a try.

Electric winger Kevin Naiqama scored in the fifty-second minute off an assist from David Nofoaluma, who, then scored five minutes later to bring the lead to twenty-eight points.

On the one hour mark and after scoring in sets of two-points throughout the day, Pat Richards scored then aced his conversion from the sideline in an impressive effort.

The Warriors hit back with a double through winger Matthew Allwood who brought a brief spark of momentum to the Kiwi-side as full-time approached.

With the Warriors now in high spirits, the home-side didn’t let that get in the way of finishing the game in the outstanding form it had been played. Robbie Farah got the crowd chanting his name again after his stellar assist to Martin Tapau pushed the Tigers closer to fifty points.

With only one minute remaining, David Nofoaluma scored his second try of the fixture and Pat Richards, under the influence of his team and the home crowd, handed the conversion rights to Keith Galloway as a send-off for his last home game in Tigers colours. Keith Galloway missed the conversion, predictably, but a thirty-four point win over the visitors was surely a satisfying send-off from his teammates.


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