Blackhawks crowned minor premiers with big win over Phins

The Intrust Super Cup signed off with the final full round of fixtures over the weekend, and there were plenty of points scored with an average of 55 points per game, and all games had at least 50, except unsurprisingly the clash between the Tigers and the Seagulls with so much to play for.

The minor premiership, and home finalists in week 1 were decided this weekend, with the Townsville Blackhawks recording the admirable achievement of securing top of the table in their first season, and Ipswich and Wynnum securing the wins that will see them play at home next weekend.

PNG missed out on the top spot by 1 point despite winning, but will get a break before joining the finals in week two.

Other teams were playing for pride (not the Northern type) and Tweed Heads and Souths Logan were the lucky sides who got to sign their season off in style.

We’ll have a full finals series preview as well as a wrap up of the season coming up this week. But the finals round descriptions are below.

Here’s the final Ladder.

PNG HUNTERS                         42 PTS +231
IPSWICH JETS                          36 PTS +198
EASTS TIGERS                          32 PTS +204
NORTHERN PRIDE                   32 PTS +76
REDCLIFFE DOLPHINS             25 PTS +97
MACKAY CUTTERS                  25 PTS +50
BURLIEGH BEARS                    24 PTS -273
NORTHS DEVILS                      16 PTS -324
CENTRAL CAPRAS                   6 PTS   -552

IPSWICH JETS 34 def SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 16 @ North Ipswich Reserve (H/T 24-6)

Ipswich sealed a home final early in the weekend as the Jets beat the Falcons on Saturday afternoon, and with only a four point for and against difference between themselves and Wynnum gave themselves every chance of finishing third with an 18 point victory. This meant that the Seagulls would need to beat local rivals Easts by 25 points or more to steal third on Sunday.

The Jets looked up for a big win when they scored with their second touch of the ball, and not long after doubled that to lead 12-0. The Falcons, who pushed Townsville all the way last weekend, were next to score and halfway through the first half it was only 12-6. However, that was as close as the Sunshine Coast got as Ipswich scored twice more before the break to lead 24-6 at the change.

Then the rain came, and so did a Falcons try to reduce the margin to 12 points. Ipswich replied to take the lead back out to 18 points, but the Falcons weren’t giving up easily and scored once more to leave the game at 30-16 with 20 minutes to go. There was one last try in the Jets, scored just before full time which may have ended proving valuable in their quest to finish third.

For the home side, they get another taste of football next weekend as the Pride visit for round 1 of the finals. The Sunshine Coast were much improved in 2015, and should be commended for their efforts throughout the year after just one win last year, but especially after the tragedy of James Ackerman’s death.


NORTHERN PRIDE 46 def CENTRAL CAPRAS 18 @ Barlow Park (H/T 42-6)

Linc Port starred for the Pride with four tries on the night as they blew the Capras away in the first 40 minutes with a 42-6 half time lead. It was 8 tries to 1 in the first half as the Pride celebrated their final qualification last weekend, and final home game in some style.

The Pride scored with their first set, and were leading 14-0 in as many minutes in the first half before Central’s first try of the game came in the 17th minute. It was a very rare highlight for the Capras as the Pride scored five more times after that in just 20 minutes to take a lead that no team in the Intrust Super Cup would be able to chase down, let alone a team struggling for wins.

The second half couldn’t live up to the expectations of more than the point a minute first half, and there were only three tries scored, two for the Capras to gain some respectability. The Pride’s only try of the half came through Linc Port who sealed a fourth try not long before full time.

For the Pride, it is onwards and upwards to Ipswich next weekend for finals football. Central meanwhile will welcome Mackay coach Kim Williams next season in a bid to turn around their fortunes.


SOUTHS LOGAN MAPGIES 32 def MACKAY CUTTERS 18 @ Brandon Park, Acacia Ridge (H/T 20-12)

Souths Logan took their home ground to the southern suburbs of Brisbane of Acacia Ridge on Saturday evening, and saw their season off in fine style the a win over the Mackay Cutters – a team up until a month ago that were firmly entrenched in the top 6. Mackay were also sending off their coach Kim Williams who is moving to the Capras for next year.

On a very wet night the Magpies opened up the scoring with the first two tries of the game, and it took until the 25th minute for the Capras to reply, and leave the score at 12-6. The same pattern followed to the break as the Magpies scored twice more before the Cutters scored another just before half time.

The Magpies scored first in the second half, but by the time Mackay replied in the 64th minute there were only 8 points between them, and plenty of time to steal the game. That hope lasted for just a few minutes as Souths Logan scored not long after to lead by 18 points, a margin that remained until the end.

Souths Logan will be happy to have signed off with two straight wins over Central Queensland opposition, and Mackay will rue the late season slide which saw them fall out of the top 6 and final contention.



Townsville claimed the Intrust Super Cup minor premiership in their first year after they accounted for a spirited Redcliffe Dolphins in the TV game on Sunday afternoon.

Redcliffe, who had been knocked out of finals contention the previous week, could have been forgiven for not being overly interested in a clash with a team as dominant as the Blackhawks have been in 2015.

It didn’t take long for that dominance to show as the home side ran in their first try on 3 minutes, nor did it take much longer for the visitors to reply as they crossed three minutes later themselves. Three more tries by the 30th minute then had the Blackhawks leading 24-6 and on their way to a win and minor premiership. But Redcliffe battled on and one try just before half time quickly became two as the Blackhawks kicked out on the full from the first try’s kick off, and Redcliffe accepted the gift to trail by 24-16 at the break.

After the break Townsville finally scored after two previous attempts were denied by the video ref, but similar to the first half, Redcliffe replied quickly to keep the gap at 8 points. With all of PNG willing on the Dolphins to win, it was the Blackhawks who scored next and indeed the next two tries after that in an eight minute burst to seal the game and the minor premiership.

It was a highly impressive first season for the Blackhawks, who were the best side throughout the year, and it is hard to argue with just three losses and a for and against difference of over 500 points. They will play the Hunters in the second week of the finals for a direct path to the Grand Final. Redcliffe had a great second half of the season, and will only need to do that for a full season to feature in finals football next season.


WYNNUM SEAGULLS 17 def EASTS TIGERS 10 @ Tapout Energy Stadium (H/T 10-8)

The all important clash between the Tigers and the Seagulls was played out at Tapout Energy Stadium on Sunday afternoon, and after Ipswich’s win on Saturday and the tightness of these contests, the winner won the right to host the return leg in week one of the finals next weekend.

Nothing But League’s Matt Crowhurst has the full report courtesy of the QRL website.

The end result was a win to the Seagulls, who sealed fourth place and a home final against the Tigers next weekend as the two teams meet over two consecutive weeks for the second year in a row.


PNG HUNTERS 44 def BURLEIGH BEARS 24 @ Port Moresby (H/T 20-12)

The Hunters won their final home and away game of the year in front of another huge crowd in Port Moresby, but missed out on the minor premiership by a point as Townsville had beaten the Dolphins to secure first place before the end of this match.

The Hunters didn’t let their many fans down, but Burleigh fought well against a side which hasn’t been beaten since April, and who have yet to taste defeat in PNG this season.

PNG raced out to an early 16-0 lead in the first half, and the signs were ominous for the Bears for a big score against them. But that was not the case, as the next two tries went to the visitors and with 15 minutes to go in the first half the gap was only four points. The try by the Hunters just before half time gave the Hunters a lift, which they were to take into the second half.

That surge came in the form of three tries after the break for the Hunters as they extended the score out to 38 – 12, and the game was just about out of reach for the Bears. To their credit Burleigh continued battling away and scored twice from the 70th minute to reduce the score to 38-24, but it was too late to snatch the game from the Hunters, in fact the home side still had enough time with two minutes to go to score their final and seal a 20 point win.

Burleigh have 2016 to look forward after a few rough patches in 2015. PNG are very much still into 2015, and they will play the Blackhawks in week one of the finals for the direct path to the Grand Final. They will be confident having beaten Townsville twice during the year.


TWEED HEAD SEAGULLS 40 def NORTHS DEVILS 22 @ Bishop Park (H/T 28-6)

Tweed Heads put a slightly disappointing 2015 behind them with a comfortable 18 point win over the Devils at Bishop Park.

It could have been and certainly looked much worse than an 18 point margin as during the first half as the Seagulls poured on the tries. By the time Tweed Heads had scored their 5th try of the first half, the score was 28-0 at around a point a minute.

Norths pegged one back either side of half time, and when the Devils had scored their third consecutive try the margin was down to just 12 points with 19 minutes to go. But that was a close as the home side got as Tweed Heads scored another two by the 74th minute to lead by 22, before Norths got the consolation try close to full time.

Both sides will ultimately be disappointed with their 2015, and will be looking to improve next year.



IPSWICH JETS 34 (Carlin Anderson, Marmin Barba, Brandon McGrady, Dane Phillips, Matt Parcell, Richard Pandia tries; Carlin Anderson 5 goals) def SUNSHINE COAST FALCONS 16 (Rowan Klein, Young Tonumaipea, Jacob Samoa tries; Ryan Hansen 2 goals) at North Ipswich Reserve.

NORTHERN PRIDE 46 (Linc Port 4, Luke George 2, Vaipuna Tia-Kilifi, Tom Hancock, Jordan Biondi-Odo tries; Javid Bowen 5 goals) def CQ CAPRAS 18 (Jake Ainsworth, Dan Randall, Sam Smith tries; Dean Allen 2, Ian Webster goals) at Barlow Park.

SOUTHS LOGAN MAGPIES 32 (David Pritchard 2, Daniel Tamou 2, Tikiko Noke, Sam Gardel tries; Scott Doyle 4 goals) def MACKAY CUTTERS 18 (Liam Taylor, Sam Clune, Blake Atherton tries; Liam Taylor 3 goals) at Brandon Park, Acacia Ridge.

TOWNSVILLE BLACKHAWKS 46 (Zac Santo 2, Rhyse Martin 2, Tom Humble, Michael Parker-Walshe, Glenn Hall, Neville Costigan tries; Robert Lui 7 goals) def REDCLIFFE DOLPHINS 22 (Josh Beehag, Tom Geraghty, Joe Bradley, Taylor Brown tries; Luke Capewell 3 goals) at Jack Manski Oval.

WYNNUM MANLY SEAGULLS 17 (Jeriah Goodrich, Mitchell Frei, Jeriah Goodrich tries; Mathew Seamark 2 goals; Mathew Seamark field goal) def EASTS TIGERS 10 (Michael Kai, Shane Neumann tries; Shaun Nona goal) at Tapout Energy Stadium, Langlands Park.

TWEED HEADS SEAGULLS 40 (Ali Grant, James Wood, Shaun Carney, Jai Ingram, Sam Saville, Ricardo Parata, Shane Gillham tries; Jamal Fogarty 6 goals) def NORTHS DEVILS 22 (Michael Lucas 2, Rogan Dean, Matt Mizzi tries; Liam Tyson 3 goals) at Bishop Park.

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