Why Foran should replace Mannah as Eels Skipper

Kieran Foran’s move to Parramatta is a disappointing outcome for Manly Sea Eagles club and fans, not only because of his combination with Daly Cherry Evans but his leadership skills displayed on the field. The big move for Foran is a very positive sign for the Parramatta Eels.

Besides incredible talent Kieran Foran is also taking his leadership skills with him to the club and will utilise them alongside current skipper Tim Mannah . Speculation of Kieran Foran becoming captain is present, as he has demonstrated leadership skills throughout his six years at Manly Sea Eagles.

These leadership qualities have been gifted and passed on by his dad, who is the CEO of US Walmart. The Kiwi Captain and halfback has learned and enabled to follow his father’s leadership footsteps during his career. From leading his New Zealand side to victory back in 2014 and attains knowledge of what leadership skills are needed to lead a side.

Being able to control the full 80 minutes is Kieran Foran’s forte. He is able to guide and instruct his teammates, helping the team to play at their best and win. Going to the Parramatta Eels Foran at first will no doubt shy away and stay quiet knowing his captain Mannah will take control but as he adapts to Mannah and surrounding players I think he’s leadership will stand out.

Tim Mannah has been captaining the side since 2013 and has not done a bad job. But a change in leadership could turn the Parramatta Eels luck around. Mannah is not an 80 minute player and has not captained is country to victory which is why Kieran Foran should have the opportunity to lead the Eels next year.

After a couple of games there is no doubt that he will instruct and wish to take things in to his own hands. He knows what is best and plays to his strengths as well as spotting out the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Being around ex Manly winger William Hopoate and ex Manly second rower Anthony Watmough he will seek to have a voice and not hold back. These ex Manly players, his close friends will enable him to speak up and not be afraid or uncomfortable to hold back any leadership advice.

Kieran Foran can read the play well and knows the best attack for the opposition. He demonstrated he controlled the games countlessly for the Sea Eagles and it was evident when he got injured and Manly started to lose games, as they couldn’t control the ball.

Foran’s key leadership is valuable and will be missed at Manly and I am sure everyone is keen to see him out there in the blue and yellow instructing and assisting Tim Mannah lead the Parramatta Eels to victory.

With Kieran Foran and Tim Mannah working together in leadership I personally believe the Parramatta Eels will have a great season.


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