OPINION: Klemmer Just Needs Somebody to Love

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, NRL fans are complaining about a series of events that happened over the weekend. The girlfriends of the players must have joined an abstinence group together because some of the boys were getting a bit frisky with match officials in round 2. David Klemmer was pinged with a 2 match ban for touching the referee during his game on Thursday night while Trent Merrin was not charged for a similar incident. Both players touched the referee but only one was charged.


Now call me old fashioned, but I would’ve liked to have seen David take Mr Cummins to dinner first before going for the titty grab. Trent’s approach was much more classy and I think if that was an episode of the Bachelor, Merrin would have received the rose on Thursday. Then on Friday night, James Roberts decided to get in on the action.


Let’s be real here, if one player has been charged then the others should also be charged; some consistency would be nice. The bottom line is if they aren’t the team captain then they should not be disputing a referee call. 

These players should just be thankful that they didn’t cop the punishment for this incident!

Wait, it turns out Thurston didn’t get punished for touching a ref in this case. Maybe Klemmer should win a handful of Dally M medals too so he can also be immune to punishment.

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