PREVIEW: Australian Jillaroos vs Kiwi Ferns

The Australian Jillaroos will play the Kiwi Ferns in a curtain raiser before the Kangaroos and Kiwis game at Hunter Stadium on Friday 6th of May.



The Jillaroos defeated the Ferns in the ANZAC test 2015 at Suncorp 22-14. The test was delayed for 48 hours due to the torrential rain in Brisbane at Suncorp Stadium both teams came out with fight.

Last time these two nations met was for the Auckland Nines test at the beginning of the year (2016). The Kiwi Ferns defeated Australian Jillaroos 2-1 in the series after a great defensive effort from the Ferns.

It will be a strong competition for this test with both teams wanting to prove themselves and gain victory.



With huge change up to both teams from last year’s Test, many key battles are lined up.

The forwards in number 8 jerseys, Australian Jillaroo Simaima Taufa and New Zealand Ferns Lilietta Maumau have an essential role. They will be going head to head and assist their team to make as many metres as possible. Simaima is starting in the line up this year (after last year coming off the bench) will be a huge challenge. Whilst Lilietta will also wish to set her team up to make scoring a try easier.

Another key match up are the halfbacks Jillaroo Maddie Studdon and Kiwi Ferns halfback Kristina Sue. Kristina Sue also is coming off the starting bench from last ANZAC test and will be looking to guide her team in front with her kicks. Maddie Studdon had a good campaign throughout the Auckland Nines after setting up Samantha Bremner in the first game Auckland Nines game with a great kick.



Even though the Kiwi Ferns have 9 experienced players from last year’s test over the Australia Jillaroo’s who have 8, the Jillaroo’s will have the home crowd behind them. Australia by 10.



Australian Jillaroos: 1. Samantha Bremner 2. Chelsea Baker 3. Corban McGregor 4. Annette Brander 5. Karina Brown 6. Allana Ferguson 7. Maddie Studdon 8. Simaima Taufa 9. Brittany Breayley 10. Heather Ballinger 11. Kezie Apps 12. Vanessa Foliaki 13. Ruan Sims © Interchange 14. Libby Cook-Black 15. Kody House 16. Casey Karklis 17. Emma Young 18. Caitlyn Moran

Coach: Steve Folkes


Kiwi Ferns : 1. Sarina Fiso 2. Lanulangi Veaimu 3. Maitua Feterika 4. Va’anessa Molia- Fraser 5. Atawhai Tupaea 6. Georgia Hale 7. Kristina Sue 8. Lilietta Maumau 9. Krystal Rota 10. Kelly Maipi 11. Teuila Fotu- Moala 12. Annetta Nuuausala 13. Nora Maaka Interchange 14. Amber Kani 15. Kahurangi Peters 16. Krystal Murray 17. Charmaine McMenamin 18. Mary-Jane Ale

Coach: Alan Jackson

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