Four Pointers: Brisbane Broncos 26 Canberra Raiders 18

Darius Boyd scores a hat trick in Brisbane’s dominate performance

Darius Boyd has brought his Origin form and confidence back into his club performances allowing him to assist his team to comfortably beat the Canberra Raiders 26- 18, in front of a home crowd. The Brisbane Broncos managed to get back in form with Origin stars back in full swing to break their 3 game- losing streak. Boyd was able to go over the try line after Raiders made horrific errors and allow his side to have a secure lead.

The Brisbane Broncos were able to utilise the detrimental errors made by the Raiders early on, which occurred right next to their try line. This allowed the Broncos to go into halftime with a comfortable score line of 18-0.

Raiders came out and had a good crack with visuals of Bennett being anxious about any mistakes Broncos made, but Broncos were lucky to secure the lead with a penalty goal in the 76th minute.


Corey Parker’s conversion rate 100%                         

Corey Parker has been in impressive form and helped his side to victory with converting four tries and one penalty goal. He also assisted in the game by scoring the first try of the game in the 26th minute. Parker clearly demonstrating how it’s done and how essential he is to the side, his experience is evident throughout every game to help lead from the front.


Canberra Raiders make crucial errors early on

Canberra Raiders had one of the worse starts to the game this season. It started off very messy with incomplete sets of six with fatigue looking present. The Canberra Raiders weren’t able to lift themselves up as they made crucial basic errors very early on, helping Brisbane get across the line.

Croker, Sezer, and Baptiste stepped up tonight and didn’t give up their fighting spirit, which was inspiring to watch. Unfortunately, it was a case of being too late to the party as they started to make a come back in the 59th minute.

Jack Wighton was suspended and missed the game after touching the referee during the match against Manly and his absent was evident. Zac Santo did a brilliant job stepping in the big shoes of Wighton in fullback especially with a try saving attempt, stripping the ball from Anthony Milford early in the game except Wighton’s guidance and leadership was missing.

Wighton controls and guides the team throughout the game, which lacked in Raider’s performance. Raider’s came out and gave it 110% in the second half but their errors in the first half cost them the win.


Sezer sets up perfect kick for Raider’s come back

Sezer was able to set up a brilliant try for Blake Austin in the 66th minute. Following Raiders first try of the game by Baptiste in the 59th minute. This set them up to have an exciting come back until their chance of winning was shut down after a penalty goal in the 76th minute.

Sezer’s kick to Blake Austin was perfectly timed and created a great opportunity for the Raiders to show off their talent. The chase from the Raiders also proved positive.



Brisbane Broncos

  • Jordan Kahu (left pectoral)
  • Alex Glenn (AC join in shoulder- did not return in second half)
  • Sam Thaiday- (leg issue)
  • Corey Oates (Shoulder)

Canberra Raiders




Brisbane Broncos 26
Tries: 4 (Corey Parker & Darius Boyd x3)
Goals: 4/4 (Corey Parker)
Penalty Goals: 1/1 (Corey Parker)


St George Illawarra Dragons 10
Tries: 3 (Kurt Baptiste x2 & Blake Austin)
Goals: 3/3
Penalty Goals: Nil


Nothing But League’s Man of the Match (MoM)-

Darius Boyd


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