Four Pointers: Brisbane Broncos 12 Penrith Panthers 31

Penrith Panthers have won 2 of 2 games against the Brisbane Bronco’s this year, defeating them 31- 12 at Suncorp Stadium and have successfully secured their place in the top 8.

  1. Trent Merrin scores in his 150th NRL game

Trent Merrin’s night couldn’t get much better until the last play after he powered through Brisbane’s defence to score in his 150th game. A terrific effort alongside his Panther’s teammates allows his side to secure their place in the top 8.

Merrin had one of his best performances this year as he notably took on the line many times. He made a line break and also ran the most metres on the field, an enormous 249 metres. A great effort by the lock, he can celebrate his 150th NRL game in style with a win.


  1. Nathan Clearly one of the youngest but best in the NRL

Nathan Clearly also had a standout game tonight for the Penrith Panthers with a terrific kicking game to assist with the victory. He assisted the Panther’s a spot in the top 8 and was able to convert 5 out of 6 goals on the big stage of Suncorp Stadium. An effort he should be really proud of, as he has many more years to come in the NRL.

A standout play from Clearly was after he put away a grubber kick that sat up and managed to stay in the field, forcing the Bronco’s player to play at it and attempt to bring it into the field. But Clearly had followed through and chased it, then managed to tackle the Bronco’s player (with Cartwright) into their try line forcing a line drop out.

The display of determination and talent each week is very exciting for fans to watch.


  1. Brisbane Broncos forgot how to defend?

Brisbane Bronco’s made many errors in Friday night’s game against the Penrith Panthers which saw them lost in front of a home crowd. Ben Hunt had a shocking night after attempting two short drop out’s but neither of them managed to even make the 10 metre mark, automatically giving away penalties to Penrith who then scored.


The Bronco’s defence was also very average with Corey Oates forcing at least 3-4 knock ons after being unable to catch the high ball. After his first failed attempt to catch the high ball, Panthers ensured to keep kicking the high ones straight to Oates which was a good tactic for Panthers as he dropped it or let it bounce a couple of times.


  1. Broncos never showed up

Brisbane Broncos looked to be on another planet today, with most of the players having a poor or average game, Panthers outdid them in most and nearly all aspects of the game.

The stats reveal everything with Panthers dominating the possession 58% to Broncos 42%. Panthers also had a great completion rate of 84% with Broncos with a 66% rate.

Brisbane Bronco’s did not pay attention to Waqa Blake as he attempted to take a brilliant catch, knock it back and continued to run the field for 95 metres and score for the Panthers. If you rewind the steps beforehand, the Bronco’s players assumed the referee’s would call it a knock on and did not bother chasing Blake who sped through and scored his own try.

This is a back to basic rule that every NRL player needs to address, as it’s essential to play to the referee’s whistle and not assume what took place.


Brisbane Broncos- N/a

Penrith Panthers- Waqa Blake- did not return after 26th minute after knocking himself out




Brisbane Broncos 12

Tries- 2- Darius Boyd & James Roberts

Conversions- 2/2- Corey Parker

Penalty Goals- Nil

Field Goals- Nil


Penrith Panthers 31

Tries- Waqa Blake, James Fisher- Harris, Zak Hardaker, Matt Moylan & Trent Merrin.

Conversions- 4/5 Nathan Cleary

Field Goals- 1/1 Matt Moylan

Penalty Goals- 1/1 Nathan Clearly

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