2016 REVIEW: Diagnosing Red V fever to the entry of the Wolfpack

It was a big year for rugby league with Cronulla Sharks winning their maiden premiership before Wigan Warriors took the Super League crown with victory over Warrington Wolves.

NothingButLeague had some great stories in 2016 from opinions to interviews and notable news stories.

Here are our most popular rugby league stories on NothingButLeague in the last twelve months:

5. Eric Perez Interview

Entrepreneur Eric Perez has put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into kick starting rugby league in Canada.  His passion and drive to make this work in a new market might well pay off over time.  They are sure to be a very popular “second team” of rugby league followers in both hemispheres.

Link: The Eric Perez Interview

4. From Catalans to Toronto

Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s pretty exciting for rugby league to branch out into North America at club level.  Over the last few years the Canada national side has improved to a point where they almost beat the United States to next year’s World Cup.  No doubt this is a massive gamble considering the distance between the UK and Canada and there will be critics who think the experiment won’t benefit the game.

Link: From Catalans to Toronto

3. On the bring: Former Rugby League star Danny Sculthorpe on his battle with depression

It was incredibly brave for former England international Danny Sculthorpe to reveal his struggle with depression and how he’s now helping others to fight the Black Dog through the State of Mind charity in honour of his fallen teammate Terry Newton in 2010.  The statistics are frightening and should be an eye-opener for administrators.

Link: On the brink: Former Rugby League star Danny Sculthorpe on his battle with depression

2. VALE Chad Robinson (1980-2016)

The passing of Chad Robinson sent shock waves through the rugby league community just days out from Christmas.  His death treated as non-suspicious, raising the issue of mental health in our game.  Roy Masters revealed recently three lesser known players tried to commit suicide in November alone, one succeeding.  Super League is no less immune.  Administrators need to look at how best to address depression both during and post-career before another big name player is lost to the Black Dog.

Link: VALE: Chad Robinson (1980-2016)

1. Diagnosing Red V Fever

There’s growing unrest among Dragons fans at the lack of leadership being shown at the top of the tree by Peter Doust.  It seems the problems off-field are being mirrored on-field with Mary McGregor’s coaching tenure at the club on the ropes. A big 2017 season coming up for the Red V and if results don’t go their way early on in the season, a shake-up will be needed.

Link: Diagnosing Red V Fever

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