Four Pointers: South Sydney Rabbitohs 10 North Queensland Cowboys 23

It was a home away from home game for the Rabbitohs, one where they had to travel further than their opposition. What was thought to be a more entertaining match turned out unappealing to the viewers, both on TV and the attendees at Barlow Park in Queensland on Sunday afternoon.

Dominant Cowboys

It was yet another dominant display from the Cowboys, who will remain without Thurston for the remainder of the 2017 season. While it was the Rabbitohs who scored the first points of the match, it didn’t take long for their opposition to retaliate and level the scores, before building momentum that carried them through the rest of the match, allowing them to get the thirteen point victory they had been hoping for in the lead up, as they look towards cementing themselves into the top eight, and possibly the top four prior to the commencement of the finals series that is just around the corner. While their completion rate wasn’t the best, it was higher than that of the Rabbitohs, which allowed them to keep on top of the match. They were significantly better in attacking aspects of the match, which gave them more opportunities to score, and eventually win the match.

Ridiculous Errors

Wow. The amount of errors made in this game was quite high, which slowed down the game quite a lot, making it a less entertaining affair than one would have anticipated in the lead up. Collectively, both the Cowboys and the Rabbitohs made a total of twenty-six errors, which is far too high for an NRL game, especially this late in the competition when completion could make or break the team. This caused low completion rates, and while the Cowboys stayed relative to the “acceptable” completion mark, it was poor from them. The Rabbitohs were just below seventy per cent, which didn’t allow them many opportunities, considering a fair few were in the second half, in the crucial minutes of the match. Both sides have to work on this as they continue through the remainder of the matches for the 2017 NRL season.

Rabbitohs Struggled

In most aspects of the match. They were not the dominant team by any means, and that lack of dominance and momentum didn’t do them any favours as they played out the majority of the game behind on the scoreboard. The South Sydney Rabbitohs have struggled this season, and this match was no different. There were bursts of energy and bits of determination shown throughout the game, however it wasn’t enough for the Cowboys side who while struggling managed to remain on top for most of the match. How they attacked and defended throughout the game didn’t allow them any chances to get anywhere during the match, which was helpful to the Cowboys in the end. There are currently six competition points between their current position and the bottom of the top eight, which isn’t an ideal situation for them. Unless they win every game from here on, it’s hard to see them in the top eight. Next year?

Not the Most Entertaining

Wasn’t the most boring match of football so far this season, however definitely didn’t have an incredibly entertaining aspect to it. Both sides were no where near their best, and it was evident that they struggled – particularly considering the amount of errors that were made throughout the match. The twenty-six errors were a lot, and it seemed to slow the game down quite significantly. There was a certain amount of build up around this match, considering how most home-away-from-home matches are quite entertaining for the most part, however neither team seemed to be 100% there, which made for a lacklustre match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at Barlow Park.


South Sydney Rabbitohs

Tries: Cody Walker, Braidon Burns

Goals: Adam Reynolds 1

North Queensland Cowboys

Tries: Jason Taumalolo, Kyle Feldt, Coen Hess, Jake Granville

Goals: 3

Field Goal: Lachlan Coote

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